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Pheidippides died after running 140 from Athens to Sparta to inform them that the Persians had invaded Greece. He later ran an additional 26 miles after which he died from exhaustion.

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Q: Who died of exhaustion after running 26 miles to deliver a message?
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Why is a marathon 26 miles long?

It is because in ancient Greece, a messenger from Marathon, Greece, had to deliver a message to Athens, Greece, so he ran 26.2 miles to get there, then dropped dead before he could deliver the message to the king.The original Marathon was during an ancient Greek war. A messenger delivered a message after running 26 miles, then died.

Why is there only 26 miles in a marathon?

26 miles was the distance the Greek runner covered, while running, to declare "Nike" after the last major sea battle during the Peloponnesian Wars. The Greeks begun honoring this distance as a 'marathon' distance.

What is the distance of the olympic marathon based on?

there was a greek messenger who had to run 26.2 miles to deliver a message that was really urgent, he ran there and back, and after he died. his name was some version of marathon

What happen to the messenger that ran over 26 miles to Athens to deliver the good news regarding the Persian war?

He delivered the message and then promptly collapsed and died on the spot due to fatigue.

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The person who ran twenty six miles to Rome to tell the news of the victory at Marathon?

A messenger by the name of Pheidippides, although there is some contention as to whether this actually happened. Pheidippides WAS sent with a request for aid from Marathon to Sparta, which was a distance of 240 km (which only took him two days). The story relates that he traveled back to the battle was was then sent to Athens with news of victory. Then, after running only 40km, he collapsed dead after announcing the victory.

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