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USC played Oklahoma in the 2004 BCS game

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Q: Who did usc play in the 2004 nastional championship?
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Can usc play in the conference championship despite probation?


Who played in the 2004 BCS National championship?

USC defeated Oklahoma

How many national championships did keary colbert win with usc?

0. Colbert was a wide receiver for USC from 2000-2003. USC won the national championship for 2004, the season after he left.

Which PAC 10 teams have gone to the BCS championship?

USC went to the championship game for the 2004 and 2005 seasons, winning in 2004 and losing in 2005, and Oregon for the 2010 season.

When did Matt cassel play for usc?


What team did USC beat in the 2004 Rose Bowl to clinch a co-national championship?

That was the University of Michigan by the score of 28-14.

When was the last time two college football teams went undefeated in regular season but neither won the championship?

the last time was 2004-2005, both auburn and Utah went undefeated. USC won the championship.

Did Carson palmer win a national championship at usc?


Did mark sanchez win a national championship at usc?


Who won the 2004 college national championship?

The Buckeyes of The Ohio State University defeated the Gators of the University of Florida on Monday, January 8, 2007 to win the 2006 BCS National Championship by a score of 41-14.

Why is USC so good?

I am a LSU fan and I know for a fact that USC will destroy us. I don't think any other team can beat USC. I hope we don't play them in the BCS championship games... it's a gaurantee lost for us....

How many years in a row did ucla win the natl championship?

UCLA won the national championship 7 times in a row from 1967 to 1973. They have a total of 11 national championships