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He was traded to the lakers from the suns for a 1st round draft pick. He was later traded back to the suns for Robert horry.

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Robert Horry

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Q: Who did the lakers trade Cedric Ceballos for?
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When was Cedric Ceballos born?

Cedric Ceballos was born on August 2, 1969.

What is Cedric Ceballos's birthday?

Cedric Ceballos was born on August 2, 1969.

How tall is Cedric Ceballos?

Cedric is 5'6 (168 cm).

What movie and television projects has Cedric Ceballos been in?

Cedric Ceballos has: Played himself in "Living Single" in 1993. Played himself in "Hang Time" in 1995. Played himself in "Sparks" in 1996. Played himself in "The Jamie Foxx Show" in 1996. Played Frederick in "Jimi" in 1996. Played Cedric Ceballos (Los Angeles Lakers) in "Eddie" in 1996. Played Cedric Ceballos in "Space Jam" in 1996. Played himself in "In the Doghouse" in 1998.

How old is Cedric Ceballos?

Cedric Ceballos is 42 years old (birthdate: August 2, 1969).

What number was Cedric Ceballos during his time in Detroit?

Twenty-three (23)

Who was on the lakers in 1996?

Corie Blount,Elden Campbell,Cedric Ceballos,Vlade Divac,Magic Johnson,Eddie Jones,Frankie King,George Lynch,Anthony Miller,Anthony Peeler,Fred Roberts,Derek Strong,Sedale Theatt and Nick VAn Exel

Is cedric ceballos ex nba player married?

Yes. Her name is Cookie and she works as a nail technician in Scottsdale, AZ.

Who used to be 23 for the lakers?

Jim Barnes, Mario Bennett, Cedric Ceballos, Jerome Henderson, Lou Hudson, Tony Jackson, Reggie Jordan, Ed Kalafat, Stu Lantz, Mitch Richmond, Von Wafer are all the people who wore the number 23 for the Los Angeles/ Minneapolis lakers in the past. Go to and look for the Laker people.

Who the lakers need to trade to get howard?

4 way trade, lakers give up bynum

Who was on the Lakers 1996 team?

Byron Scott, Derek Fisher, Eddie Jones, Kobe Bryant, Nick Van Exel, Rumeal Robinson, Cedric Ceballos, George McCloud, Jerome Kersey, Larry Krystkowiak Robert Horry, Corie Blount, Elden Campbell, Joe Kleine, Sean Rooks, Travis Knight, and finally Shaquille O'Neal

Who did the lakers trade for Shaquille O'Neal?

He signed with the Lakers as a free agent