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The Miami Dolphins played the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XIX.

The score was 16 to 38 for San Francisco

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Q: Who did the dolphins play in Super Bowl XIX?
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Who won Super Bowl XIX?

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Miami Dolphins 38-16 in Super Bowl XIX. Click on the 'Super Bowl XIX' link on this page to read about the game.

Who did joe Montana beat in his super bowl wins?

Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowls XVI and XXIII, Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX, and Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV.

Does Marino have a Super Bowl ring?

No. Marino played in one Super Bowl during his career. That was Super Bowl XIX for the Dolphins against the 49ers and the 49ers won 38-16.

What team holds the record for the fewest rushing attempts in a super bowl?

Miami Dolphins with 9 rushing attempts in Super Bowl XIX against the 49ers. The Dolphins lost, 38-16.

Who won the Super Bowl in 85?

Super Bowl XIXThe San Fransisco 49ers beat the Miami Dolphins 38-16 in Super Bowl XIX played on January 20, 1985.

Who was in Super Bowl in 1985?

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Miami Dolphins 38-16 in Super Bowl XIX played January 20, 1985.

When was the second Super Bowl the 49ers won?

Super Bowl XIX played January 20, 1985. The 49ers defeated the Miami Dolphins, 38-16.

When did Super Bowl XIX happen?

Super Bowl XIX happened on 1985-01-20.

What 3 Super Bowls did the Miami Dolphins lose?

The three Super Bowls the Miami Dolphins have lost are Super Bowls VI(6) to the Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowl XVII(17) to the Washington Redskins, and Super Bowl XIX(19) to the San Francisco 49ers.

Did Dan Marino go the the Super Bowl as a rookie?

Dan Marino was the Quarterback of the Miami Dolphins team that reached Super Bowl XIX after the 1984 season. The Dolphins lost 38-16 to the San Francisco 49ers. Marino is perhaps one of the best NFL quarterbacks that never won a Super Bowl.

How many times did the dolphins lose the Super Bowl?

Thourgh Super Bowl XLIII, 3 times: 1) Super Bowl VI - Dallas Cowboys 24, Dolphins 3 2) Super Bowl XVII - Washington Redskins 27, Dolphins 17 3) Super Bowl XIX - San Francisco 49ers 38, Dolphins 16

What calfornia city hosted super bowl xix?

Super Bowl XIX was played in Palo Alto, California.