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It was the Miami Dolphins.

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2012-01-17 15:07:50
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Q: Who did the bears lose to in the 85 season?
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What is the longest winning streak in one regular NFL season?

18 - 85 Bears

When did the Saints lose against the Chicago Bears in the playoffs?

Twice: After the 1990 season and after the 2006 season.

Which Chicago sports season is better 85 bears or 96 bulls?

This question is an opinion, however most logical people would say the Chicago Bears 1985 season.

What team did the 1985 Chicago Bears lose to in the regular season?

Miami Dolphins.

Who did the Saints lose to in the 2006 season that kept them from going to Super Bowl XLI?

Chicago bears

Who did the Saints lose to in the 2006 season that kept them from going to the Super Bowl?

The Chicago bears- i was so mad

How many times did the New York Yankees lose in the 2013 season?

In 2013, the Yankees finished with an 85-77record.

When will number 4 retire?

After his career will end against the bears in the last meeting between the Vikings and Bears of the 2010 season. He'll sit the rest of the games and call the coin toss on the last game of the season vs. the Lions and they will lose making the lions a threat in the 2011 season .

What season was the Naked Brothers Band polar bears?

Polar Bears is in Season 2

Who is number 85 on the Chicago Bears footballl Team?

Who is number 85 on a football team

How do you unlock the 85 Bears in Madden 09?

You buy those madden cards with the tokens you receive after every gane you play. When you get the 85 Bears card they will be unlocked.

What is the Chicago Bears record with and without Brian Urlacher?

According to windy city gridiron, Da Bears are 7-15 without Urlacher; with all seven wins coming in the 2009 season. By my math, they are 85-69 with him on the field

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