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Ken Phelps!

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Q: Who did the Yankees get back when they traded Jay Buehner to the Mariners?
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Who is the best MLB player?

Matt Daley. He has now a miner leage contract with the yankees (only because he is injured but he most likely come back in june). He was a pitcher on the Colorado Rockies but he got traded to the yankees!

Has an NHL player ever been traded at deadline and traded back to the team he came from?

The Coyotes traded for Brandon Prust at the trade deadline, then traded him back to Calgary in the off-season.

What are three big risks that Derek Jeter had to take in his career?

1. Free agency 2. Being traded to another team (Jeter loves the Yankees) 3. Being sent back to the minor leagues

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Did Allen Iverson get traded back to the 76ers?

No he did not get traded back to the 76ers. He left the Memphis Grizzles, released from his contract and then signed with the 76ers.

What do Yankees call back garden?

The back yard

Did Drew Henson sign a contract with the New York Yankees?

Yes. Drew Henson was a 3rd round draft choice of the Yankees in 1998. He played with the Yankees rookie, A, and AA teams until mid season 2000 when he was traded to the Cincinnati Reds. Prior to the 2001 season the Reds traded him back to the Yankees. He spent most of the 2001, 2002, and 2003 seasons with their AAA team. He was a late season callup in 2002 and 2003. His career MLB stats were 9 at bats, 1 base hit, and 3 strikeouts. After the 2003 season he retired from baseball and tried to make a career in the NFL. Currently (2008), he is a member of the Detroit Lions.

Did the Yankees beat the Phillies in 2009?

Yankees 7, Phillies 3 - Back on Top, Yankees Add A 27th Title ...

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steal back what you traded!

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Is Ken Griffey going back to Seattle for the next baseball season?

No. Griffey has had many injury problems ever since being traded to the Reds and may be traded someday if the Reds can find a suitor. A couple years ago the Reds tried trading Griffey to the Padres for Phil Nevin, but Nevin didn't waive his no-trade clause. If Griffey continues to battle injuries and there is a team that is willing to give up a minor leaguer or two for him then the Reds may try to trade him. maybe but there is a small chance He is with them now :) the Reds traded him to the White Sox for Nick Masset. The White Sox then traded him to the Mariners.

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