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Q: Who did the Patriots play in the 1996-97 AFC Championship Game?
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Did the New England Patriots play Baltimore Ravens in 2011?

Yes, in the AFC Championship Game - they won 23-20.

What time is the NFC championship kickoff on January 20 2008?

the patriots play at 3 et and ther other game is at 6;30 et

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers play in the AFC Championship game in 2005?

In the AFC Championship game played in the year 2005, the Steelers played the Patriots and lost 41-27. In the AFC Championship game played for the 2005-2006 season (played in 2006), the Steelers played the Broncos and won 34-17.

What year did the patriots play their first game?

In 1960 the then Boston Patriots played their first game in the AFL

When do the patriots play their first game in 2009?

August 13th

How many NBA teams play in the championship?

Only two NBA teams play in one year's championship game.

How many years have the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl?

The New England Patriots have won three Superbowls. They first won in 2001 (the game was played on 3 February 2002, but it was for the championship of the 2001 season). They won again in 2003, and in 2004. They are about to play for the championship against the New York Giants in early February 2012.

Who did Dallas play in the NFC Championship game?

The Cowboys have won eight NFC Championship games.

What year did the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers face each other in the Super Bowl?

The Steelers and the Patriots have both played each other in the AFC Championship game, but they cannot face each other in the Super Bowl being that they both play in the AFC.

Who will the Baltimore Ravens play if the beat the Houston Texans?

The winner of the game between the Patriots and Broncos. So, the Patriots.

Who did the Giants play in the 2007NFC championship game?

the Greenbay packers

Who did duke play in 1991 national championship game?


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