Who did souness sign for rangers?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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he signed the first catholic to play for rangers since world war 1, a player who also played for celtic, mo johnston

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Q: Who did souness sign for rangers?
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Who was the first signing Souness made for Rangers?


When did Graeme Souness join Rangers?

He became the manager of Glasgow Rangers in April 1986.

Which player scored the most goals against Rangers whilst Graeme Souness was in charge?

There was certainly one season in which Terry Butcher was the top scorer against Rangers - and he played for them.

What is Graeme Souness's birthday?

Graeme Souness was born on May 6, 1953.

When was Graeme Souness the Captain of Liverpool?

Graeme Souness was the Captain for Liverpool FC between 1982 and 1984.

Can you name past Rangers stars?

Ally McCoist, John Greig, Ray Wilkins, Mo Johnstone, Peter McCloy, Sandy Jardine, Mark Walters, Chris Woods, Graham Souness

Does ditto have a sign in Pokemon rangers?


Who has the best moustache?

Graeme Souness.

How many Catholics played for rangers?

It was widely held that Rangers would not sign Catholic players until Graham Souness publicly renounced the club's "unwritten policy" in 1989 when he signed ex-Celtic player, Mo Johnston. In fact, around twenty Catholics had played for the club although none of these was prepared to acknowledge their faith publicly.

Which manager famously gave the order for the touchlines to be brought in a few yards on each side the night before a European game after the opposition had been practicing corners all night?

Graham Souness Glasgow Rangers

How many clubs had Graeme Souness managed before Newcastle United?

Graeme Souness had managed 7 clubs before he managed Newcastle United. These were ;Rangers [ 1986 - 1991 ]Liverpool [ 1991 - 1994 ]Galatasaray [ 1995 - 1996 ]Southampton [ 1996 - 1997 ]Torino [ 1997 ]Benfica [ 1997 - 1999 ]Blackburn Rovers [ 2000 - 2004 ]Newcastle United [ 2004 - 2006 ]

Who did rangers sign paul gascoigne from?