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juan manuel marquez, who he beat on points in September

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Q: Who did mayweather fight with last in boxing?
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Who won the fight last night with Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather won the boxing match on 9/13/2014. He wom with a unanimous decision by the judges.

Who did Floyd Mayweather fight in his last fight?

Sugar Shane Mosley

Which sport has the best paid athletes?

Boxing Floyd Mayweather earned 25 million for a fight.

When is the fight mayweather vs cotto?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Miguel Cotto boxing match took place on May 5, 2012.

How long was the last Mayweather fight?

His last fight was against Ricky Hatton, he knocked him out in after 2.35 in the tenth.

How much is Floyd Mayweather jr getting paid for May 1 fight?

they (goldenboy/mayweather promotions) are expecting this fight to be the biggest in boxing history surpassing mayweather delahoya. In that fight Mayweather made 25million so if this fight sells more pay per view sales than that one you can expect him to make 30+ million for fighting Shane mosley.

Who did Floyd Mayweather fight in his last match?

Ricky Hatton

What make of boxing gloves does Floyd Mayweather Jr wear?

Floyd Mayweather wears Grant boxing gloves.

Who was shot in the leg and it ended their boxing career mayweather sr or roger mayweather?


How much money did Floyd Mayweather make in his last fight?


Who would win in a boxing fight mayweather or el canelo?

I Think that "El Canelo" would win that fight here is why i know that canelo can do it plus he will be and in my mind he already is the best pound for pound boxer in boxing he will beat mayweather be cause el canelo is fast,i love his countering punches,i loves his speed and i know canelo can knock out cold mayweather

How much do immature boxers get paid?

10-20 mil per fight.... ie mayweather.... the biggest baby in boxing

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