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Q: Who did derby county beat in the premiership this season?
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Has Manchester United ever lost to derby county?

Yes, Derby County beat Manchester United on the 8th of January 2009.

Chelsea FC what are the two premiership teams that beat Chelsea this 2009 season?

Aston villa and wigan

Who is the team derby have beaten in the league this season?

they beat Newcastle united at home 1-0 on September 17th

Who won the 1999 NRL premiership?

Melbourne Storm beat the Dragons to win the premiership

Who was the first team to beat derby county in a league match at pride park stadium?

Chelsea 1-0 Mark Hughes scored the goal

How many times how many times forest won the FA cup?

Twice........1898 they beat Derby County F.C 3-1 and 1959 they beat Luton Town F.C 2-1

Did Portsmouth beat a team?

So far in the 2009/2010 season (22nd of November 2009) they have won two matches in the Premiership. They beat Wigan and Wolverhamptom Wanderers. They have also won 3 Carling Cup matches against Hereford, Carlisle and Stoke.

How many trophies have Nottingham Forrest won?

2, in 1898 and 1959. They were runners up in 1991.

Second biggest score in the premiership?

tottenham hotspur Beat Wian 9-1

How many times have man utd beat arsenal in the premiership?

71 times in the league

How do you beat home run derby in Plants vs Zombies?

Get 30

Will there be a skip beat season?

i guess no, since there are no news that skip beat will have any season