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Q: Who did Tiger Woods defeat in the 2008 US Open?
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2008 US Open golf winner?

Tiger Woods.

When did Tiger Woods get knee surgery?

In June 2008 after he won the US Open.

How many pro tournaments has tiger woods missed the cut on?

In his professional career, Tiger Woods has missed two majors, 2008 Open Championship and 2008 PGA Championship.

What was the 2008 US Golf Open prize money for Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate?

Tiger Woods received $1.25 million for the win. Mediate got more than $800,000

Is Tiger Woods playing golf in 2008?

He played up until the US Open in 2008 which he won, and then he had surgery and missed the rest of the season.

How many times has Tiger Woods won the LA Open?

Tiger Woods has never won this event.

How old was Tiger Woods when he won the british open?

Tiger Woods was approximately 25 years old when he won the British Open. Tiger is a well known professional golfer.

When was Tiger Woods first debut?

Tiger Woods made his pro debut in the 1996 Greater Milwaukee Open.

Where was last years golf US Open held?

The 2008 US Open was held at Torrey Pines, Tiger Woods beat Rocco Mediate in a playoff.

Will Tiger Woods play in the buick open in 2009?

NO, tiger woods is a famous actor, your thinking of jack black stupid

Is tiger woods playing in the 2011 valero open?


How long did 2008 US Open last?

There was the standard 4 rounds, then Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate were tied so they played an 18 hole playoff on Monday and were still tied, so they went to a 19th hole where Tiger Woods won.