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Robinson first won the middleweight title from Jake Lamotta in their 6th fight in Feb 1951.

He won the title a second time in his rematch with Randy Turpin in Sept 1951 (Robinson had 8 fights in between, so was somewhat burned out when he lost to Turpin in their first fight only two months earlier).

He won the title a third time knocking out Carl "Bobo" Olsen Dec '55.

Won it a fourth time in his rematch with Gene Fullmer in May '57 and then won it a 5th time in his rematch with Carmen Basilio in 3rd May 1958. Lost the tile for good in 1960 when Paul Pender became the first man to beat Robinson twice.

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Sugar Ray Robinson did not fight in the heavyweight class.

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Q: Who did Sugar Ray Robinson fight for the middleweight title?
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What weight classes did Jake LaMotta fight in?

LaMotta was rated in the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions and was the World Middleweight Champion between 1949-1951. He beat Marcel Cerdan for the title and lost it to Sugar Ray Robinson.

Who was the second man to beat Sugar Ray Robinson?

The second man to beat Sugar Ray Robinson was Randolph Turpin when he took Robinson's world middleweight title on July 10th 1951 in London.

How many belts does sugar ray Leonard have?

wbc welterweight title wba jr middleweight title wbc middleweight title wbc super middleweight title wbc light heavyweight title.

Roberto duran how many titles won?

Roberto Duran won four titles in four different weight classes. He was the WBA Lightweight Champion from 1972 to 1978. He also won the WBC Lightweight Title in his last fight at Lightweight against Esteban Dejesus. He won the WBC Welterweight Title against Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980. He also won the WBA Jr. Middleweight Title against Davey Moore in 1983. Finally, in 1989, at the age of 37, he won the WBC Middleweight Title against Iran Barkley.

How many titles did Sugar Ray Leonard win in his profesional career?

he won the wbc & wba welterweight titles (from wilfred benitez & thomas hearns respectively) the wba light middleweight title (from ayub kalule) the wbc middleweight title (from Marvin hagler) the wbc lightheavyweight title (from donny lalonde), and the inaugural wbc supermiddleweight was also on the line (the fight took place at 168 pounds).

How many times was Sugar Ray Leonard knocked down?

Three times. The first two were for the welterweight title. June 1980, Duran took the title from Leonard, Nov @80, Leonard got his revenge, Dec '89, Duran (now the WBC middleweight champion) goes after Leonards WBC super middleweight crown, and Leonard outboxes him over 12 rounds (the first two fight were fifteen rounders)

How many titles did sugar Shane mosley hold?

IBF lightweight titleWBC welterweight titleWBA Super World welterweight titleInternational Boxing Association welterweight titleWBC light middleweight titleWBA Super World light middleweight titleInternational Boxing Association light middleweight titleIBF light middleweight titlecurrentlyWBA Super World welterweight title

What weight class does Anderson Silva fight in?

Anderson Silva fights in the Middleweight Category. The weight range for people fighting in the Middleweight Category is 170 pounds to 185 pounds. Silva was the UFC Middleweight Champion and defended it a record 10 times. He recently lost the title to Chris Weidman. He has also fought a few fights in the Light heavyweight division but is predominantly a middleweight competitor.

Was Chris Eubanks a heavyweight boxer?

Chris Eubank fought at three weights professionally. He started out as a Middleweight and held the WBO World Middleweight Title, he moved up to Super Middleweight and held the WBO World Super Middleweight Title, and in the last two fights of his career he moved up to Cruiserweight to challenged Carl "the Cat" Thompson for the WBO World Cruiserweight Title

What boxer has most titles?

Oscar De La Hoya - 6 WBO Junior Lightweight title; World WBO, IBF Lightweight titles;World WBC Junior Welterweight title;World WBC Welterweight title (failed to win IBF title);World WBC, WBA Junior Middleweight titles: WBO Middleweight title (failed to win World WBA, WBC, IBF titles).Thomas Hearns - 5World WBA Welterweight title;World WBC Junior Middleweight title;WBC, WBA Light Heavyweight titles:WBC Middleweight title (failed to win World WBA, WBC, IBF titles):WBO Super Middleweight title (failed to win the WBC title in controversial bout).'Sugar' Ray Leonard - 5World WBC, WBA Welterweight titles;WBA Jr. Middleweight title (failed to win WBC title);World WBC Middleweight title:WBC Super Middleweight title (failed to win WBO title):WBC Light Heavyweight title. (Won SMW and LHW titles in same bout).Floyd Mayweather, Jr. - 5WBC Junior Lightweight title;World WBC Lightweight;WBC Junior Welterweight title;World WBC, IBF Welterweight titles:World WBC Junior Middleweight title.

Which boxer held the middleweight title the longest?

As of October 2014, the longest reigning middleweight champion was Bernard Hopkins who held the title for 10 years, 2 months, 18 days. During that time, he successfully defended his title 20 times.

How many championships has Bernard Hopkins won?

IBF Middleweight Champion - 29 Apr 1995 - 16 Jul 2005WBC Middleweight Champion - 14 Apr 2001 - 16 Jul 2005WBA Middleweight Champion - 29 Sep 2001 - 16 Jul 2005 - 1st Super ChampionWBO Middleweight Champion 18 Sep 2004 - 16 Jul 2005IBO Light Heavyweight Champion 10 Jun 2006 - 2006 VacatedWBC Light Heavyweight Champion 21 May 2011 - Apr 28 2012Regional TitlesUSBA middleweight title (1992-94)Ring Magazine TitlesRing Magazine middleweight title (2002-2005)Ring Magazine light heavyweight title (2006)Awards and Other AchievementsThe Ring Magazine Fighter of The Year (2001) World Boxing Hall of Fame Fighter of the Year(2001)Longest ever middleweight title reignMost title defenses as middleweight champion (20)Oldest fighter in history to hold the world Middleweight titleOldest fighter in history to hold any Major World Title