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Q: Who did Sidney Crosby play in the 2009 stanley cup playoffs?
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What years did Sidney Crosby win the stanley cup?


When did Sidney Crosby win the Stanley cup?

They won the cup in 2009, 1992 and 1991

What year did the Pittsburgh Penguins win the Stanley Cup with Sidney Crosby?

This would be 2009.

Which year month day did Sidney Crosby win the Stanley cup?

Friday, June 12, 2009

How many times has Sidney Crosby won the Stanley Cup?

He's won it twice. Both with the Colorado Avalanche.

Who was Sidney Crosby playing hockey for in 2009?

Sidney Crosby was playing hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

What years have Pittsburgh penguins won the Stanley cup since Sidney Crosby?

2009 they would have won it in 2008 but the Detroit red wings beat them

Who where the last 3 scoring leaders in the nhl playoffs in the same series?

2008-2009 Penguins vs. Capitals Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Alex Ovechkin

What has Sidney Crosby done to make an impact on the Canadian Society in 2009?

well he is the best player in the nhl and he is Canadian. PLUS he won the Stanley cup :) He is a role model.

How many assists did Sidney Crosby get in 2009?

27 assists .. Q: does that include 2009 AND 2010?

What month is the 2009 Stanley cup?

Playoffs are always in April

What year did sydney Crosby when the Stanley cup?

2009, 2016 and 2017