Who did Hawthorn beat in the 1986 Grand Final?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Who did Hawthorn beat in the 1986 Grand Final?
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Who won the Grand Final in 2012 AFL?

Sydney Swans beat Hawthorn by 91 points to 81 points.

How many grand finals has Hawthorn lost?

Hawthorn have lost 5 VFL/AFL Grand Finals;1963,1975,1984,1985 and 1987 from 16 Grand Final Appearances.Their last Grand Final appearance was in 2008 when they beat the 2007 premiers, Geelong by 26 points (18.7.115 to 11.23.89) to win their 10th VFL/AFL Premiership.

Who won the nrl 1986 grand final?

parramatta beat bulldogs 4-2

Who won the 1971 VFL grand final?

Hawthorn beat St. Kilda for the 1971 Premiership flag. It was only the club's second premiership - the first being in 1961, when it beat Footscray [now the Western Bulldogs] for the flag.

Who won the 1996 AFL grand final?

Carlton has won 16 Grand Finals. Although Essendon has 16 premierships, it has won only 14 grand finals in this acievement. The premierships of 1897 and 1924 were decided by a round robin finals series and no grand final was played in those years. Importantly, however, Carlton and Essendon.....16 Premierships each

Did essondon beat hawthorn today?


What afl team won the 2002 grand final?

The Brisbane Lions beat the Collingwood Magpies in the 2002 Grand Final.

Who were the finalists in the 1986 world cup final?

Argentina beat West Germany in the final.

Who won the 1907 afl grand final in Australia?

the Carlton Blues beat the South Melbourne Swans in the 1907 VFL Grand Final 6.14.50 - 6.9.45

The final-scoreline in the 1986 FIFA World Cup final-match?

Argentina beat West Germany 3-2.

When did geelong last beat st kilda in the final?

Geelong and St Kilda have never played off in a Grand Final

Who won the 1982 NRL grand final?

parramatta beat manly 21-8