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He beat Gregory Havret by one shot, Ernie Els by two shots and Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson by three shots. Or he beat the other 155 players in the field.

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Q: Who did Graeme McDowell beat to win the US Golf Open Championship?
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Who won the us golf open in 2010?

Graeme McDowell.

Who won the 2010 golf US Open?

Graeme McDowell.

Which Irish golfer has won the US Open Golf Tournament?

Graeme McDowell

How much prize money do you get for winning the US Open golf championship?

The total purse for the tournament was $7,500,000. Graeme McDowell received $1,350,000 as champion.

Who won the 2010 US Open Golf Tournament?

Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell by one shot over Gregory Havret.

Who won the 2010 golf majors?

Phil Mickelson won The Masters. Graeme McDowell won The US Open. Louis Oosthuizen won The Open. Martin Kaymer won The USPGA Championship. (Beat Bubba Watson in 3 hole play off)

Who won the 2010 US Open?

Graeme McDowell.

Who won the 2010 major golf chamionships?

The winners of the 2010 Major championships are;Master's Tournament- Phil MickelsonU.S Open Championship- Graeme McDowellThe Open Championship- Louis OosthuizenPGA Championship- Martin Kaymer

Winner for the 2010 PGA US Open?

It is just called the US Open and Graeme McDowell won.

Who are some famous alumni of UAB?

Golfer (and U.S. Open Champ) Graeme McDowell.

When did British Open Championship Golf happen?

British Open Championship Golf happened in 1997.

When was British Open Championship Golf created?

British Open Championship Golf was created on 1997-04-30.