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Q: Who did Alabama play in the 1992 National Championship game?
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Has Alabama ever lost a national championship game in college football?

Alabama has never lost a national championship game.

Did Alabama ever lose a national championship game?

No, Alabama has not lost a national championship game.

Who is in the bcs national championship game?


Who did Alabama play the 1992 championship game against?

University of Miami

Who did the University of Alabama play in the 1961 National Championship game?

back then, it wasn't a "Championship Game," but #1 Alabama defeated #9 Arkansas by the score of 10-3 in the Sugar Bowl to claim the National Championship.

Who won the national championship Alabama vs auburn 2010?

That was not the 2010 national championship matchup. If you're talking about the Iron Bowl rivalry game between Auburn and Alabama, then Auburn defeated Alabama in that game last year. The 2010 NCAA National Championship Game in football was won by Auburn against Oregon.

What was the score of Alabamas 1992 championship game?

34-13 Alabama wins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the probability of Alabama winning a national championship in football?

As of Nov 3 2010, they have a 3% chance of playing in the National Championship Game.

When is the Texas vs Alabama 2009 championship game?

The National Championship game between Texas and Alabama will be January 7, 2010 at 8PM EST.Citi BCS National Championship GameTexas vs. Alabama Pasadena, Calif.Rose Bowl Jan. 78 p.m. ABC/ESPN Radio

Who was the quarterback for Miami in the 1992 national championship game?

Gino Torretta?

Who played in the 1993 sugar bowl?

Alabama beat Miami in a national championship game.

Who won the 1992 National Basketball Championship game?

The Duke Blue Devils

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