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The players decide by chosing numbers of their favorite players from their youth

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Q: Who determines what number an athlete wears?
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What famous athlete wears number 18?

brooke kabot

What is a bib in the Olympics?

A bib number is the number that the athlete wears on their person and is how they are identified. Same as marathon runners.

Who wears 15?

Tim Tebow of the Florida Gators wears number 15. Arguably the greatest collegiate athlete to ever play the game of football.

What famous athlete wears the number 6?

Wes Brown from Manchester United, a soccer/football club in England, wears the number 6. Franco Baresi who used to play for AC Millan, another soccer/football club, but is in Italy, wore the number 6.

What determines an atoms number?

the number of protons determines the atom.

Has any athlete ever worn the number 05?

== == Bobby Brown wears #5 for the great Sacramento Kings. The great Joe Dimaggio wore number 5 with the Yankees. Donovan McNabb currently wears number 5 with the Eagles. There have been a whole lot of jerseys with that number because 05, or just 5,is a very common jersey number in sports.

The atomic number determines the what?

The number of protons in an atom determines its atomic number

What is Fernado Torres' number?

He wears number 9 for Liverpool. He also wears this number for Spain.

What summer olympic event traditionally determines the best all-around athlete?


What determines an attoms atomic number?

Atomic number is about protons. It determines the number of protons.

Who wears number six for Barcelona?

Xavi wears number six for Barcelona.

Who wears the number 21 in soccer?

christian ronaldo wears the number 21!!

What football players wears the number 26?

who wears number 26 on ny jets

Is there a player in the NBA that wears number 52?

Brad Miller wears number 52.

What is the number of t-shirt dale steyn wears?

he wears 8 number shirt

The number of protons in 1 atom of an element determines the atoms what?

The number of protons determines the element's atomic number. When combined with the number of neutrons, it determines the element's atomic mass.

Which international soccer player wears the number 21?

christiano ronaldo wears the number 21

Who wears number 76 for the Dallas Cowboys?

No one wears the number for the 2011 Dallas Cowboys.

Who wears number 82 on the Chicago Bears?

I think Greg Olsen wears number 82.

Which current NBA player wears number 64?

No current player wears number 64.

The ____ function determines the lowest number in a range?

The MIN Function determines the lowest number in a range

Who wears number 9 in Habs team?

A very specific person wears the number nine in the Habs team. The name of the Habs team member that wears the number nine as his team number is Marty Barry.

What number in an atom determines what kind of atom it is?

The atomic number, which is the number of protons in the nucleus, determines what kind of atom it is.

Who wears jersey number 14 in Australia cricket team?

Ricky Ponting wears number 14.

Who wears number 26 for the New Orleans Saints?

Currently no one wears number 26 for the Saints.