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Orra brand, owned by Antwerp-based Rosy Blue Group.

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Q: Who designed the first trophy for the world cup?
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What was the french mans name that first made the world cup trophy?

Abel Lafleur designed and made the FIFA World Cup Trophy

Who designed the first FIFA World Cup trophy?

Emmanuel Sesoma

Who is the french sculptor that designed the first world cup trophy the original cup?

Abel Lafleur.

Who designed the FIFA World Cup 2010 trophy?

The FIFA World Cup Trophy, awarded to Spain in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, was designed by Italian artist, Silvio Gazzaniga.

Who designed FIFA 2010 world cup trophy?

The world cup is the same as that in 1970, it is a rotating cup.

Who designed world cup football trophy?

Silvio Gazzaniga

What is the name of first world cup trophy?

The Jules Rimet trophy

Who first suggested the idea of having a World Cup?

Jules Rimmet, some french geezer. The first world cup trophy was named after him, although Brazil now own that trophy.

What is the official name of the World Cup trophy?

The current trophy is called FIFA World Cup Trophy.

What happened to the first world cup trophy?

It was won by Brazil.

What is the prize offered at the World Cup?

The team which wins the World Cup receives the FIFA World Cup Trophy. The trophy, first introduced in 1983, is made of 18 karat gold and has a malachite base.

Who designed the scottish cup trophy?

some guy