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Ric Flair

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Q: Who created the figure four leg lock?
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Which move hurts more the sharpshooter or the figure four?

the move that hurts the most is the figure of four leg lock as ric flair did it on me

How do you perform a figure four leg lock with Shawn Michaels in WWF War Zone?

press 0 then syd btn

How many forms of the figure four leg lock are there?

2,shawn michael's 1 legged and ric flair's original

What is the most painful wrestling move?

If locked in properly the figure four leg lock or the single legged Boston crab

What does the figure 4 leg lock do to make your leg hurt?

it twists your leg in a very cruel way?

Does the figure four leg lock hurt?

if done for real.. yes it dam well hurts.. it puts a great deal of pressure on ur legs..

Is the figure 4 leg lock legal in high school wrestling?

depends on district rulesit is at our school

Who was the first superstar to win at wrestle mania?

Tito Santana was the first man to win at Wrestlemania. He defeated the Executioner (Paul Perschmann) with the Figure Four Leg Lock in 4 minutes and 50 seconds.

How does Shawn Michaels do the Figure Four Lock?

Firstly, Shawn Michaels doesn't do it much. Ric Flair and Triple H does. 1. Hold up the left leg of your opponent when they are on the floor. 2. Put you left leg over your opponent's left leg and twist it until you are facing your opponent again. 3. Put you opponents left leg over of their right leg 4. Get your hand and hold their left leg while using your left foot on top of their legs. 5. Fall down and put pressure on them

In martial arts what is an ashi gatami?

A leg-lock.

How do you get someone in a head lock?

first you lay them down on their back and grab their right leg and twist around it and bend it into a four and put your right leg under their left and keep their lg into a four and put your right leg over their left that is bended and pull back on their left foot and their sure to tap out. good luck!!!!!!

How do you create a submision in a pro wrestling?

Well normally Created Submission menuvers are branches from a sumbision manuver that's already real. e.g Walls of Jerciho (Elevated Boston Crap) What you can do as advice is to think of a body part you want to focus on and think "how can I lock that part so it hurts". OR You can elevate a move that's already out such as maybe a "Inovated Figure four leg lock." Creating a move out of a already submission move is probably the easiest. But experamenting can also be a great help. If you want an inovated move then think really hard on it.