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Q: Who competed in 1976 Innsbruck women's figure skating?
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Who was the womens figure skating champion in 1964?

The ladies singles gold medalist at the 1964 Games in Innsbruck was Sjoukje Dijkstra of Netherlands.

Who was the womens figure skating champ in 1976?

Dorothy Hamill

Who was the womens US figure skating champion in 1964?

Peggy Flemming

Who holds the gold medal in womens figure skating?

kristi yamaguchi

What are 3 Olympic gameschina compete in?

1 Curling (women's), 2 freestyle skiing (men's and womens' aerials), 3 figure skating (pairs) 4 speed skating (women's 500m) 5 short track (womens) among other things, these are a few that China competed in and won a medal from.

Who won the Olympic womens individual figure skating gold medal in 1928?


Who won the Olympics gold medal for women's singles figure skating in 1976?

Dorothy Hamill (USA) won the womens figure skating in the 1976 winter Olympics.

Who won the Olympic gold medal for womens' singles figure skating in 1976?

Dorothy Hamill

Who holds the Olympics Gold Medal in womens figure skating in the last Olympics?

Shizuka Arakawa of Japan won the women's figure skating gold in the 2006 Turin Olympic Games.

Who won SILVER for womens figure skating 2010?

Mao Asada of Japan and Joannie Rochette of Canada

What is the dress code for womens skating regarding tights hose?

for ice figure skating, you can have footed, footless, or over the boot tights. for roller figure skating, you can have footed, footless, or over the boot tights for figures but you must have over the boot for anything else

Kinds of ice sports at the Winter Olympics?

The sports that are played on ice at the Olympics are hockey,figure skating, short track speed skating,long track speed skating and curling. All of these events have mens and womens catagories.

Who won the figure skating at the vancover winter Olympics 2010 and where did they come?

for womens= Yu Na Kim from Korea for mens= Evan Lysacek from USA

What Australian swimmers competed in the womens 200m individual medley?

Stephanie Rice

How many players are needed for figure skating?

It depends what event is taking place. For the pairs figure skate and ice dancing it requires two people. For the mens or womens free skate it only requires one person.

Who has won olympic womens figure skating medals fo Canada in 2010?

Gold- Kim Yuna (Korea) Silver- Mao Asada (Japan) Bronze- Joannie Rochette (Canada)

Who won 1924 winter olympic medal for womens figure skating?

Herma Szabo of Austria won the gold medal in Women's singles in the 1924 Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France.

Who is Jenn Heil?

Jenn Heil is an athlete. In the 2010 Oylmpics she competed in womens freestyle mogals

How many competed in the Olympics?

there will be 16 countries in mens play and 12 countries in womens play there will be 16 countries in mens play and 12 countries in womens play

Can figure skating have a record?

Yes, there are many records in figure skating. For example there is points records in each category (mens, womens, pairs, and dance) and in each level (eg senior, junior, novice) then there is records for most triple jumps in a program(short and long), most quads etc. there is records for most revolutions in a spin. there is many more these are just a few.

How does the figure skating event in the Olympics work?

Figure skating works just like any other individual sport works. Everyskater will get their own turn to skate. Then as soon as the get off the ice they will receive their mark and will be told what place they are currently in. There are different events in figure skating such as , Pair skating, Womens singles, Mens singles and Ice dancing. Each type of skating will happen together, for exxample,they will not let a woman single skate then a pair skate. Its organzied. Each skater does a short program and a long program. Final marks are announced after everyone has completed their long program. Then medals are handed out for 1st 2nd and 3rd place. Everyone that places lower will receive nothing.

How do you figure out if bex is gay?

Does he know a lot about shoes and womens clothes???

What are the two types of gymnastics?

the two types of womens gymnastics competed in the Olympics are rythmic and artistic but there are also mens gymnastics compotitions

What is the hottest Olympic sport?

It depends on your opinion. Apparently, the top 3 for both type of the Olympics are as they are below: Winter Olympics #1: Women`s Figure Skating #2: Half Pipe #3: Pair Figure Skating Summer Olympics #1: Men`s Swimming #2: Men`s Running #3: Women`s Swimming I see a pattern in that. Anyway I`ve researched and now can show a few more details. Percentage of Women watching Winter Olympics: 82% Percentage of Women watching Summer Olympics: 84% Percentage of Men watching Winter Olympics: 73% Percentage of Men watching Summer Olympics: 64% Percentage of Girls watching Winter Olympics: 45% Percentage of Girls watching Summer Olympics: 11% Percentage of Boys watching Winter Olympics: 27% Percentage of Boys watching Summer Olympics: 36% Winter Olympics are more popular, and so that means Women`s Figure Skating is the hottest Olympic sport. After comparing this all to that all, I`ve noticed what is most popular. But most popular->hottest, so it`s "hottest", as some people say. I, myself, prefer Pair Figure Skating, but people can think what they want. Luge->not as popular as->mens figure skating->not as popular as->womens figure skating Pair Figure skating falls in about 4th place for Winter Olympics. Luge is about 7th though.

How many batten changes will there be in the womens 4 x 400 meters relay?

3 changes in a 4x400, it's not hard to figure out!