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Q: Who coached the Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team before Coach K?
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Did Quinn Snyder ever coach Vanderbilt's basketball team?

No, he's only coached at Missouri. He played for Duke and was an assistant for the Blue Devils before taking over as head coach for Missouri.

Syracuse university head basketball coach before Jim boeheim?

Roy Danforth Coached Syracuse from 1968-1976

Who coached after Mike Davis at Indiana University?

Kelvin Sampson. After Mike Davis resigned as head basketball coached, Kelvin Sampson was named coach of the Hoosiers.

What university did Pat Summit coach for?

Pat Summitt coached the University of Tennessee Women's Basketball team.

Where did don haskins coach college basketbal at?

Don Haskings coached college basketball at Texas Western.

How long has Gary Williams coached Maryland basketball?

Gary Williams was hired as the Maryland mens basketball coach on June 13, 1989.

What sport is Larry Brown involved in?

Larry Brown is a basketball coach. He coached in both the NBA and college ranks.

What did coach Vivian Stringer do to her sport that was so significant?

Coached Rutgers women's basketball team and built a dynasty there, as a rare female black head coach.

Who was the head basketball coach of the US team in 1995?

There was no team competing on a international level that year. Don Nelson coached in 1994 and Lenny Wilkens coached in 1996. Both coached a version of the legendary Dream Team.

Who coached Notre Dame after Lou holtz?

The Notre Dame football team is coached by Brian Kelly. The head coach of the men's basketball team is Mike Brey. The women's basketball team is coached by Muffet McGraw and the head coach of the hockey team is Jeff Jackson.

Where did Rick Pitino play college basketball?

Rick Pitino is a Hall of Fame basketball coach. He has coached on both the college and professional level.

Who was john ducey's 8th grade basketball coach?

Charlie Balles coached John's team to a 12-0 season that year.