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The 1985 New England Patriots head coach was Raymond Berry.

Berry was hired by the Patriots in 1984, replacing fired head coach Ron Meyer after the 8th game of the season. Berry continued to coach the Patriots thru the 1989 season, when he was replaced by Rod Rust.

Raymond Berry had short and for the most part a successful run in New England. He led the team to its first ever Super Bowl Appearance, which they lost to the Bears. Overall, Raymond Berry had a regular season record of 48-39 with the Patriots.

A former pro football player, Raymond Berry is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Raymond Berry played wide receiver for the Baltimore Colts from 1955 to 1967. He was elected to the HOF in 1973.

Raymond Berry's coaching record in New England

1984: 4-4 .563 2nd Raymond Berry (8 games)

1985: 11-5 .688 2nd Raymond Berry

1986: 11-5 .688 1st Raymond Berry

1987: 8-7* .533 2nd Raymond Berry * 15 game Season

1988: 9-7 .563 2nd Raymond Berry

1989: 5-11 .313 4th Raymond Berry

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Q: Who coached the 1985 New England Patriots?
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