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Helen Clark or New Zealand coach or there might be a team leader

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Q: Who chooses the New Zealand Olympic team?
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How many athletes are in the New Zealand winter Olympic Team?

Just 16

To what Olympics did New Zealand send its first official team?

The 1920 Games in Antwerp. New Zealand was though part of the Australiasian team of the 1908 and 1912 Olympic Games.

How many athletes are in the New Zealand team at the 2008 Summer Olympics?

New Zealand is sending 183 athletes to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, its biggest team ever.

Who were the members of the New Zealand Olympic Team 2004?

Gold medalists in the 2004 Games for New Zealand were Sarah Ulmer in cycling, Hamish Carter in triathlon, and Georgia Evers-Swindell and Caroline Evers-Swindell in Rowing. Click on the '2004 New Zealand Olympic Team' link below to see the entire team, which consisted of 151 athletes.

When did New Zealand host the Olympic Games?

New Zealand had never hosted the Olympic games

When was New Zealand Olympic Committee created?

New Zealand Olympic Committee was created in 1911.

How many athletes in the 2012 new zealand olympic team?


Which sport won the first gold medal for the New Zealand olympic team?

Jack Beatson

Who won gold from New Zealand in the 1980 olympic games?

No athlete from New Zealand won gold at the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. The New Zealand Olympic Committee officially boycotted those Games and the athletes from New Zealand that did participate were competing under the flag of the New Zealand Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association. Five athletes participated and no medals were won.

How many medals has NZ won in the 2012 olympic games?

omg i dont even know were to start new zealand is the best olympic team by far The games havent finidshed yet but soo far new zealand have won 3 gold and heaps of silver and bronze i am soo proud of my home country for they are the best olympic team

Who ran with the olympic torch from New Zealand?

Three time Olympic medalist Barbara Kendall carried the torch for New Zealand.

Who are the coaches for 2012 New Zealand Olympic equestrian eventing team?

greg best- show jumping coach

If New Zealand can hold the Olympic Games why dont they?

New Zealand is a small country and simply could not afford to host the Olympic Games.

When did New Zealand send there first Olympics team?

Winter Olympics: 1952 Summer Olympic (Australasia Team) Australia and NZ team was 1908

How many athletes are competing on the 2008 New Zealand Olympic team?

170 athletes and 130 support crew, making a team of around 300...

How many Olympians are in the New Zealand team?

there are 72 athletes from the new zealand team

In what event did New Zealand win a lot of gold medals in the 1980 olympic games?

New Zealand did not win any medals at the 1980 Summer Olympic Games.

How many Olympic athletes will be representing New Zealand in the 2012 Olympic Games?


How many Olympic medals did New Zealand win in the 1976 Olympic games?


Who was the nz medaists in the Olympics before 1920?

1920 was the first year New Zealand competed as an separate nation. However before that Australia and New Zealand competed as a combined team known as Australasia. There may have been medalists from New Zealand-you might be able to find from a reference book or from the New Zealand Olympic website if they have one.

Does New Zealand participate in the Olympic games?


When did New Zealand first participate in Olympics?

New zealand first participated at the olympic Games in 1980, and has sent the althetes to compete in every summer Olympic GAmes since then.

When did New Zealand get their first olympic gold?

New Zealand's first Olympic gold medal was won at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam by Ted Morgan in boxing in the welterweight division.

What is the new zealand netball team called?

The New Zealand Women's Netball team is called the Silver Ferns

Who is the captain of the New Zealand's cricket team?

The current captain of the New Zealand cricket team is Daniel Vettori.