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Mike Holston caught a 10 yard TD against the Oakland Raiders

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Q: Who caught Warren Moon's first NFL touchdown pass?
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Who caught the first touchdown in Super Bowl 2009?


Who caught Brett Favre's first winning touchdown?

Kitrck Taylor

Who caught Aaron Rodgers first touchdown pass?

Greg Jennings

Who caught Joe Montana's first touchdown pass?

Bob Bruer

Who caught Joe Namath's first ever touchdown pass?

Richard Williamson

Raven's wide receiver caught the first touchdown in their Super Bowl win?

Brandon StokleyHe caught a 38 yard touchdown reception from QB Trent Dilfer in the first quarter.

Who caught John Unitas' first Super Bowl touchdown pass?

John Mackey

Who caught Dan Marino's first touchdown pass?

Joe Rose

Which Miami receiver caught the first touchdown pass in the 2001 Rose Bowl?

Andre Johnson

Who caught Joe Theismann's first NFL touchdown pass?

Wide receiver Tim Paulus.

Who caught the first regular season touchdown pass of Aaron Rodgers' career?

it was greg jennings

Who caught Phil simms first super bowl touchdown?

Zeke Mowatt caught a six yard pass from Phil Simms in the first quarter of Super Bowl XXI

Who caught Aaron Rodgers first ever regular season touchdown pass in the NFL?

i was greg jennings

What wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers caught a 37 yard pass from quarterback Bart Starr to score the first touchdown in a Super Bowl?

Max McGee caught the first touchdown pass in Super Bowl I (technically the first AFL-NFL World Championship) on January 15, 1967, as the Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10. He caught 2 touchdowns in that game and a reception that set up a touchdown in Super Bowl II the following year, which marked his final season in the NFL.

Who caught the first touchdown from Brett Favre?

Brett Favre's first touchdown was a 5 yard pass and was thrown to Sterling Sharpe in the fourth quarter of a game against the Cincinnati Bengals on September 20, 1992 see the link below for a complete list of Farves' touchdown passes

Who caught the winning touch down in Super Bowl 3?

There was no 'winning touchdown' caught in Super Bowl III. The New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts, 16-7, and the only touchdown the Jets scored was on a 4 yard run by Matt Snell in the first quarter.

Who on the patriots threw caught and ran for a touchdown in a single game?

"David Patten became the first player in franchise history and only the sixth player in the NFL since 1960 to record a touchdown pass, touchdown reception and rush for a touchdown in one game (at Indianapolis, 10/21/01). He completed a 60-yard touchdown pass, caught two touchdown passes (91 and six yards) and rushed for a 29-yard score. " Text from The New England Patriots website.

Did randy moss go to the Super Bowl in his first year with new England?

Yes. He caught the go-ahead touchdown in the game.

Who caught Peyton Manning's first touchdown pass?

it was Marvin harrison on their well executed slant play it was the first passing play of his career

Who caught John Elway's first NFL touchdown pass?

Running back Rick Parros caught John Elway's first TD pass, a 33 yarder, on September 18, 1983 against the Philadelphia Eagles at Mile High Stadium in Denver.

Who got the first ever touchdown?

This answer is uncertain, because the first touchdown was not recorded. Also no one ever gave any thought of recording the first touchdown of the NFL.

Who threw the first touchdown pass in the NFL?

Who threw the first NFL touchdown pass

Who caught Eli Manning's 1st NFL pass?

Jeremy Shockey caught Eli's first touchdown pass on 11/21/2004. It was a 6 yard strike at 10:23 of the 3rd quarter. It was Eli's second game played.

Who did Tim Tebow score his first touchdown against?

He scored his first touchdown against Southern Mississippi.

Which player in the NFL caught a touchdown pass as his first catch ever?

I know a Miami Dolphin rookie did it I think early this year or last year. Maybe it was Brian Hartline?