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Mike Holston caught a 10 yard TD against the Oakland Raiders

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Q: Who caught Warren Moon's first NFL touchdown pass?
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Who caught the first touchdown in Super Bowl 2009?


Raven's wide receiver caught the first touchdown in their Super Bowl win?

Brandon StokleyHe caught a 38 yard touchdown reception from QB Trent Dilfer in the first quarter.

Who caught Brett Favre's first winning touchdown?

Kitrck Taylor

Who caught Joe Montana's first touchdown pass?

Bob Bruer

Who caught Joe Namath's first ever touchdown pass?

Richard Williamson

Who caught John Unitas' first Super Bowl touchdown pass?

John Mackey

Which Miami receiver caught the first touchdown pass in the 2001 Rose Bowl?

Andre Johnson

Who caught the first regular season touchdown pass of Aaron Rodgers' career?

it was greg jennings

Who caught Aaron Rodgers first ever regular season touchdown pass in the NFL?

i was greg jennings

Who caught Phil simms first super bowl touchdown?

Zeke Mowatt caught a six yard pass from Phil Simms in the first quarter of Super Bowl XXI

Did randy moss go to the Super Bowl in his first year with new England?

Yes. He caught the go-ahead touchdown in the game.

Who caught the winning touch down in Super Bowl 3?

There was no 'winning touchdown' caught in Super Bowl III. The New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts, 16-7, and the only touchdown the Jets scored was on a 4 yard run by Matt Snell in the first quarter.