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It was the grear Eusibo.

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Q: Who captained Portugal in 1966 world cup?
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Who captained England 1966 World Cup?

The captain of England in the 1966 world cup is Sir Bobby Moore.

Who captained the England 1966 world cup team?

Bobby Moore

Did Portugal play in the world cup 1966?


Who captained England to win the World cup football in 1966?

The late, great Bobby Moore.

Has Portugal ever won a World Cup?

No, Portugal's best finish in the FIFA World Cup was third place in 1966.

What was the closest Portugal made it in the World Cup?

Third place in 1966 FIFA World Cup.

Who did England beat in the smi final of 1966 world cup?

England beat Portugal 2-1 in the semi final of the 1966 World Cup.

Was Portugal close to winning the world cup?

Portugal came in thrid in 1966 and came in fourth in 2006.

Has Portugal ever beaten Brazil in the woorld cup?

The answer is yes. Portugal beat Brazil in the 1966 World cup by a score of 3-1

Who was the top goal scorer in 1966 FIFA World Cup in England?

Eusebio of Portugal was the top goal scorer in the 1966 fifa world cup with 9 goals.

Who captained England in the 2010 cricket world cup?

The cricket world cup is in 2011.

Who captained Brazil in soeul world cup?


Who captained Australia in 1979 and 1983 cricket world cup?

Kim Hughes captained Australia in 1979 and 1983 cricket world cup.

Who captained the England 2003 world cup side?

Therewas no world cup in 2003, it was in 2002.

How many times have Portugal been in semi finals world cup?

Twice. 1966 & 2006.

Who scored for England in the match between England and Portugal in 1966 World Cup?

Bobby Charlton.

Who captained the 1987 All Blacks?

David Kirk captained the team for the 1987 World Cup Squad

Who Captained Argentina in 1994?

In the 1994 world cup Argentina was captained by Diego Maradona. But he was thrown out for dopping.

Who captained South Africa during their 1999 World Cup cricket campaign?

Hansie Cronje captained South Africa 1999 World Cup Hansie Cronje

Who captained France in the 1998 World cup?

It was Dideir Deschamps

He captained the winners of the 1982 World Cup?

Dino Zoff.

Who captained Argentina at World Cup 1998?

Diego simone

Who captained England in the 1986 world cup?

Peter Shilton

Who won the World Cup in 1966?

The 1966 FIFA World Cup was won by England, 4-2 over West Germany. Third and fourth place finishers were Portugal and the Soviet Union.

Who took 3rd place in the 1966 world cup?

Portugal. They defeated the Soviet Union 2-1.