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Mike Gatting captained England in 1986-87 Ashes Series.

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Q: Who captained England to win the ashes in 1986-87?
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Who captained England to their Ashes win in 2005?

maichale waughn

When did England last win the Ashes?

England won the last Ashes in the year 2010-2011.

Who was the last England captain to win the Ashes in Australia?

Mike Gatting was the last England captain to win the Ashes in Australia.Mike gatting Mike gatting

Who captained England to win the World cup football in 1966?

The late, great Bobby Moore.

When did England actually win the ashes?

They won them in 2009!

When did England win the ashes outright in Australia?


When did Australia last win the ashes?

In 2007 Australia thrashed England 5-0 in the Ashes series.

Who captained England to the Rugby World Cup win in 2003?

Martin Johnson was the England captain for the 2003 Rugby World Cup finals.

Did mike atherton win the ashes in Australia and England?

No he won in neither! Until last month, the last time England had won the Ashes in Australia was 1986/87, and we didn't win them again until 2005. Michael Atherton's last Ashes series was in England in 2001, where Australia won the series 4-1.

Will England win the ashes?

Yes 100% No not really. Australia is more likely to win it, or it will be a draw.

When did England last win the ashes in Australia?

1986-87 was the last time England beat Australia in an Ashes series. The margin was 3-1 in the five test series However, England were the holders of the Ashes before that series, and therefore retained the Ashes, rather than won them. The last time England actually won the Ashes was in England in 1985 - again a 3-1 series victory

What years did England win the ashes?

The most recent wins are 2009 and 2010.

Did England win the ashes in 2005?

Yes they did.

What year did England last win the ashes in Australia?

England won Ashes in 2005. by the margin of 2-1 where Micheal Vaughan was Captain. But Andrew Flintoff was very impressive along with Shane Warne both with Bat & Ball. No they won the Ashes then in England, not Australia.

When did Mike Gatting as captain of England win an Ashes Cricket series in Australia?


How has England already won the 2010 ashes what if it is a draw?

we won the last time it was played so we would have 'retained' the ashes, not techincally 'won' them. obviously we did now win them.

Who won the ashes in1998 in Australia?

England didn't win any ashes series between 1987 and 2005.Australia won the 1998-99 Ashes series.Australia won three test matches, England won one test match and the other was drawn

Has an England cricket captain ever won the Ashes in England and retained then the following series in Australia?

Yes, Andrew Strauss has just done that! He regained the Ashes in England 2-1 in the summer of 2009, before going out to Australia in the 2010/11 winter to win the series there 3-1.

When did England last win a game in Australia in the ashes?

This year (2010); they've gone 1-0 up in Adelaide.

What grounds were the ashes 2005 played on?

Lord's: Australia win by 239 runs, Edgbaston: England win by 2 runs, Old Trafford: draw, Trent Bridge: England win by 3 wickets, The Oval: draw.

Did Australia win the ashes in 1995?

Australia won the Ashes in 1994-95

Who captained Arsenal to win the Youth Cup ten years ago?

Ashley Cole

Who captained Chelsea in the Champions League Final win against Bayern Munich in 2012?

Frank Lampard

What channle are the ashes on?

channel nine or win

Who captained soccer teams to a domestic cup win a continental cup win and a world cup win in 3 consecutive years at the same stadium?

Wyatt Barker and Liam Bush is the best