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Any player on the field of play or the head coach of the team may call a timeout.

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Q: Who can call timeout during a NFL game?
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Who can call timeout on a field goal in an NFL game?

any player on the field or the head coach

How can a coach challenge a call in an nfl game?

In the NFL, a coach gets to challenges a game. If the coach does not agree with the call on the field by the ref, then the coach throws the red flag that is in his pocket onto the field where the referee can see it. If the call on the field is reversed, then that team that challenged the call does not lose a timeout, but if the call on the field stands then that team loses a timeout.

What is a NFL injury timeout?

Stopping the game because a player is hurt.

In the NFL After injury timeout does player have to leave the game for 1 play?

Yes.Simply put... Yes.

How long is each timeout in nfl?

30 seconds

In the NFL if a player is hurt on the field does the team get charged a timeout?


How long is a commercial timeout if NFL football?

3 minutes

How many officials are on the field during an NFL football game?

There are seven officials during a NFL game

NFL What if a team calls for a time out in overtime but has no timeouts left?

Then the timeout is not called.

When can a call be challenged nfl football?

At the end of a game.

How many timeout does a team get in an nfl football game?

Six, three in the first half, three in the second half. If the game goes into over time, each team gets an additional three.

How long is an average NFL game?

The average NFL game is about 3 hours long, but the clock freezes when the play is dead, the quarter back calls a timeout, there are commercials, or when someone goes out of bounds so there is really only about 12 full minutes of action!

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