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Lots of people!! Me and my friends do.

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Q: Who buys olympic 50p coins?
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Related questions

How many Olympic 50p coins are there?

There are 29 Olympic 2012 50 pence coins.

Can you get uncirculated olympic 50p coins from the bank?

There are no uncirculated Olympic 50ps.

Which are the least common 50p olympic coins?

football, handball, tennis, wrestling and wheelchair rugby

How many 50p coins make 7.50?

Fifteen 50p coins.

Is a 2011 50p with 2012 olympic worth anything?

Yes, it is worth the face value - 50p In October 2010, The Royal Mint released 16 of the 29 designs, 2011 dated 50p coins. The remaining ones are to be released at the same time this year. In total there will be 81 million. Sorry, it's not worth more than 50p :)

How many Olympic 50P's are there?


Does the circulation of a coin drop its value Eg 50p coins from 2012 olympics?

The circulation of a coin does not drop its value eg. 50p coins from 2012 Olympics.

How many of each olympic 50p coins are in circulation?

In 2010, the Royal Mint said that 87 million of the 29 special 50p coins would be in circulation by the end of 2011. Assuming they have minted equal quantities of each, there will be 3 million of each design in circulation. (The math supports this - 29 into 87 million goes exactly 3 million times).

How do you make 25p?

Get twenty five coins of 1p each.

Which three coins make 54p?

One 50p and two 2p coins equals 54p.

How many coins can be changed for a 50p coin?

You could get 50 one pence coins.

Will the olympic 50p coins be worth anything in 20 years?

It is unlikely. The thing about the Olympic 50p coins is that a good portion of them are in high condition and in collectors hands. Plus, they all have large mintages. It is highly unlikely that they will ever become scarce enough to justify a price increase, especially in as short of time as 20 years. The coins worth a lot of money are either: A) Struck in a precious metal such as gold or silver (which the 50p coins intended for circulation are not) B) Coins that few people saved (such as the 1916-D US Mercury Dime) C) Coins with very low mintages and high collector demand (such as the Maundy Money which are produced in very small quantity even though they sell for much more than their silver content and have a very high survival rate)

How many 2p coins do you need in 50p?


How much do chocolate coins cost?

about 50p at Tescos.

How many 50p coins do you need to make a fiver?

10 because 50p x 10 = 500 p = £5

How do you get 69 with 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p 50p coins?

1x 50p, 1x 10p, 1x5p, 2x2p

How much is the Weightlifting Olympic 50p coin?

500 pounds

Are the Olympic 50p worth anything?

Yes. They are worth 50 pence!

How much are the olympic fifty pence piece worth?

50p lololololololol

How many Olympic coins are there?

there are 29 Olympic and paralympic coins

Can you make 50p using only 2 coins?

No, the closest you can get is 40p using 2 x 20p coins.

Who buys coins in Florida?

Coin collectors will buy your coins.

Where are 50p coins made?

Assuming you're referring to a British 50p coin, they're all struck by the Royal Mint at its facilities in Llantrisant, Wales.

How many 5p coins can be changed for a 50p coin?

10, obviously.

How many 50p coins can you swap for a 10 pounds note?