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Q: Who broke Martina Navratilova's record of 331 weeks at number one?
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When did Babe Ruth sat a major league record?

One record that Babe Rut broke was Roger Connor's record for career home runs with 138. Babe Ruth broke the record in 1921 when he hit number 139.

What record did Babe Ruth set that was broke by Hank Aaron and what was the number?

Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's record for career home runs. Ruth hit 714 career homers, Aaron broke that record and went on to record 745 career home runs before retiring in 1975.

Do the MLB mark balls before a record is broke?

Usually. When Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron's all time home run record, the balls that were used when he was at bat had a number printed on them. The number on the ball that Bonds hit for the record breaking home run was 138.

What Michael Jackson album has the most number one singles?

Bad; It broke a record & everything. GOOGLE IT!

Who's record did Usain Bolt broke in the beljing oylmpics 2008?

He broke his own 100m record, the 200m record of Michael Johnson and the 4x100mR record of the USA.

Who broke Tony Dorsett' s record for NCAA Division 1 Rushing record?

UT's Ricky Williams broke the record (although he does not hold the current record).

What Elvis record did mariah Carey break?

solo artist with the most number one hits of all time and she broke the beattles record for most weeks at number one of all time

What record has Lionel Messi broke?

Lionel broke the country record in scoring the perfect goal at the soccer match

Which athlete broke Milkha Singh's record in 400m?

Lee Evans broke Milkha Singh's 400 meter world record, in the 1968 Olympics. The current record holder is Michael Johnson.

Pirates player who almost broke babe ruth's record?

barry bonds..... wait he broke the record with 73 homeruns

Who had the record for the most homers before Babe Ruth?

Roger Connor held the record for career home runs with 138, until Babe Ruth broke the record in 1921 when he hit number 139.

Has Ghana broke any world records?

Ghana has broke a world record. The world record is the largest Chocolate Bar Ever.