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I think Spofforth.

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Q: Who bowled the first ball of first ever test match?
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Who bowled the first ever ball in world cup cricket?


Which India international bowled first-ever ball in the ipl?

praveen kumar

What is the fastest ball ever bowled by a spinner?

it was bowled by shahid afridi , it was near 134kph pak vs nz 3rd T20 dec2010

What is the fastest ball ever bowled by a spinner in cricket?

132 kph by Shahid Afridi...

What is the time taken from the fastest ball ever bowled to the ball reaching the batsman?

Shoaib Akthar of Pakistan has bowled the fastest ball in odi's so far. he bowled around a speed of 161.3 km/hr or 100.2 miles per hour to the England batsman Nick Knight.

By whom fastest hardball ever thrown?

The fastest ever ball bowled in cricket is by Brett Lee about 156 kmh.

What is the speed of the slowest ball ever bowled?

not moving :D :D lol jk .001 km/H

Who bowled fastest ball in history of cricket ever?

shoaib akhtar IT WAS 161.3 KM/HR or 100.2 miles/ hr

What is the slowest ball in cricket ever bowled?

Probably the under arm bowl against N Z by one of the Chapel brothers in Australia. That was a bit of class sportsman ship. Or Ashraful in the test match against England in the year 2010.

What is Australia's lowest ever cricket score?

Australia's lowest total in a Test match innings was recorded at Edgbaston against England in 1902. Australia were bowled out for 36.

What was the longest over ever bowled in test cricket?

Curtly Ambrose of West Indies bowled the longest over in test cricket against Australia in Perth in the 1996-97 series. He bowled 15 ball over which included 9 no balls.The longest over in ODI is 17 ball over by Mohammad Sami of pakistan against Bangadesh which included 7 wides and 4 no balls.

Who was the first ever WWE superstar to win a rumble match?

Jim Duggan was the first ever winner of the Royal Rumble match.

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