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William Eric Hollies for a duck

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Q: Who bowled Sir Donald Bradman out in his last match?
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What year did sir Donald bradman play his last cricket match?


How many runs did Donald bradman make in last test match innings?

not enough

In what year did Sir Donald Bradman play his last ever Test Match?

in 1948

Who bowled last over of inauguaral T20 championship?

The last over of the inaugural t20 championship was bowled by Johinder Sharma. The last match was between India and Pakistan. in that match misba was the batsman and the team needed 13 runs.Johinder cleverly bowled and won the match for India.

How many run did the sir don bradman in his last match?

He scored '0' in his last test match.

Which crickter scored 1 and 0 in his first and last test matches?

Sir. Donald Bradman

How much runs required for Don Bradman in his last match to get average of 100?


When did Don Bradman play his last test match?

18 August 1948 v England

What was Donald bradmans last score?

He was bowled out for a duck (0) on his second ball, giving him a test average of 99.94

What was Donald Bradmans Significance?

Sir Donald Bradman holds the highest test average of any player ever to have played test cricket, 99.94 runs per innings. He needed just four in his last Test innings, at The Oval in 1948, to gain an average of 100, but was out second ball for 0 bowled by Eric Hollies.

What is don bradman's lowest score?

0. In his last ever Test match he was out for a duck on the second ball.

Did Donald bradman win his first anld last test matches?

not the first,Australia lost the match by 675 runs in which he made the debut but Australia won the final test he played by an innings and 149 runs.

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