Who bought paintball to Britain?

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It started in britain.

Americans didnt invent it.

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Q: Who bought paintball to Britain?
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Where could one purchase a paintball gear bag from?

Paintball gear bag can be bought from the website 'paintball gear' they have a variety of different paintball gear bags with prices ranging from $34 to $280.

Where can you find a paintball pawn shop?

Though Paintball markers can be sold to pawn shops and Paintball stores, there are no specific "paintball pawn shops." The link attached is a site where markers can be bought, sold and traded.

Where can one buy used paintball equipment?

Used paintball equipment can be bought from online mega-retailers such as Amazon or eBay. Specialist websites such as Just Paintball or Trade My Gun do also sell used paintball equipment.

When did the military first start using paintballs for training?

I'm not sure if they ever officially started using paintball for training, but units were using paintball gear they bought with their own money since paintball was available.

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Where to buy paintball guns online?

Go to Google and do a search for paintball guns. and are great sites. Ebay is where I have bought most of my paintball guns. Or look up its one one the best paintball sites for purchasing. It should be one of the first few websites that comes up when you search 'paintball'

How much does delta force paintball cost?

The cost for paintballs at Delta Force Paintball is as follows... England and Wales * £5.99 per 100, when bought in bulk (2000 paintballs) * £6.99 per 100, when bought in small quantities Scotland * £6.99 per 100, when bought in bulk (2000 paintballs) * £7.99 per 100, when bought in small quantities

When was the first electric paintball gun used?

The first electronic paintball gun was made in 1996. There were over thousands made and bought so it's probable to assume that they were used in 1996.

How do you put a CO2 tank on a paintball gun?

You are the dumbest idiot i have ever seen you loser if you bought a paintball gun you should know how to plug in co2. If you don't have a paintball gun then why are you asking. All you do is take the tank and screw in into the paintball gun till it wont screw in anymore ok P.S. u need to get a life

Where can one purchase cheap paintball supplies?

Cheap paintball supplies can be found for purchase on advertising discount sites. As well as local stores in your area that sell sporting goods which can be bought online.

What accessories can be bought for the Spyder Victor Paintball Gun?

Air regulators, barrels, hoppers, asa, and trigger wells.

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