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Sheffield Wednesday have a better fan base and more money. They have also spent more time in the premiership.

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Q: Who better sheffield united or sheffield Wednesday?
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Who got the better stadium sheffield united or sheffield Wednesday?

sheffield wednesday are a better team and have a better ground. down with pigs...

What football team does Jessica Ennis support Sheffield Wednesday or Sheffield united?

sheffield wednesday

Who is the bigger club sheffield Wednesday or sheffield united?

The Massive Sheffield Wednesday by a long long way.

Who has won most sheffield derbies Wednesday or united?

sheffield united have won 44 sheffield Wednesday have won 39 and 38 games have been drawn

Are Leeds United better than Sheffield Wednesday?

Leeds United have won more trophies in their history than Sheffield Wednesday. They are currently in the Championship, one league above Wednesday, and were also more recently in the top flight. They have also won a European trophy, and participated fairly recently in the Champions League. There is no doubt Leeds United are better than Sheffield Wednesday in terms of pure statistics.

How many sheffield Wednesday players have played for sheffield united?


Who is better sheff wed or sheff utd?

Sheffield United obviously this is for everyone Wednesday are pigs

Did Gary speed leave sheffield Wednesday to manage wales?

No - Sheffield United.

Who are the players who have played for sheffield Wednesday and sheffield united football clubs?

Derek Geary

What are the football teams in Sheffield?

Sheffield F.C. (oldest surviving football team), sheffield Wednesday F.C. and sheffield united F.C.

Who is the owner of Sheffield Wednesday?

The owner of Sheffield Wednesday in England is Sheffield Wednesday plc.

Why are sheffield Wednesday pigs?

Sheffield Wednesday's ground, Hillsborough, was built in the same spot as a former pig farm, hence the reason, Sheffield United fans refer Wednesday as 'The Pigs'....or B*s*a*ds...

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