What are swfc?

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Sheffield Wednesday Football Club

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Q: What are swfc?
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What 2 buildings are taller than the world trade centers?

more than 2, like the Burj Dubai,and ICC,and SWFC......

What is the record attendance at a match in the third tier of the English leagues?

Only asking because SWFC managed to get over 36,000 against the other bit of Sheffield over the weekend!

Who is the biggest football team in Yorkshire?

Sheffield wednesday are the biggest team in yorkshire, they were established in 1867 and are the 9th oldest team in the world, they have the biggest stadium and have the biggest crowd and the best fans, they have the more history than other yorkshire clubs winning 4 league titles down the years, that's why swfc are the biggest club in yorkshire!

What is Sheffield Wednesday's longest unbeaten run?

It depends which competitions/cups you count. The official record is 19, but I'm unclear what leagues/cups that included. So many leagues have changed over the years too which complicates things. As far as I understand, if you count the 2 league cup-victories Sheffield Wednesday have in this 2012-2013 season (at the time of this post). Then Sheffield Wednesday are currently again 19 games unbeaten. So as far as I understand, if SWFC win/draw on Sep 1st 2012. That will be a new club record of 20 games unbeaten. If League Cup matches don't count, then obviously it will take 2 more matches to break the official league-title-games record. They beat Fulham, a premiership team that scored twice at Old Trafford a few days before for their 19th game unbeaten. Quite a scalp! They surely will continue their run.

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