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i believe that the answer is linda cohen

i believe that the answer is linda cohen

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Q: Who becamce the first full-time female sports anchor?
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First full time us female sports anchor?

Linda Cohn was the first female full-time sports anchor. In 1987, she made history in sports casting when she was hired by ABC.

Who became the first full time US female sports anchor?

linda chon

What does an anchor do in sports?

A sports anchor, gives playback on sports, aka highlights etc.etc.

Who became the first full-time US female sports anchor?

Linda Cohn

When was Jim Rose - sports anchor - born?

Jim Rose - sports anchor - was born in 1953.

Who is the highest paid sports anchor in the world?

i think football is highest paid sports anchor in the world

What does a sports anchor do at work?

They report the about what is going on in sports on the news.

How do you become a sportscenter anchor?

The easiest way to become a sports center anchor is to study sports medicine. Once you are working in the industry getting a job by networking is critical to your success.

How old is Lisa Hillary?

Lisa Hilary is a sports anchor for Fox Sports West. She was formerly an anchor for Comcast Sportnet. However, there is no public personal information about Lisa Hilary.

What actors and actresses appeared in Southwest Sports Report - 2000?

The cast of Southwest Sports Report - 2000 includes: Randy Macilvoy as Anchor John Rhadigan as Anchor

Who the highest paid sports anchor or broadcaster?

shannon o'neill

Who was the first women anchor on sports center?

Barbra Walters

What is the female saint of sports?

There is no female patron of sports. St. Sebastian is considered the only patron saint of sports.

Who is Fred Roggin?

He's a sports anchor for NBC in Los Angeles.

What happened to sports anchor Hazel Mae?

After working in Boston at NESN (New England Sports Network) for a while, she decided to return to her native Toronto, where she is still working, as an anchor and reporter for Rogers SportsNet.

What actors and actresses appeared in WCCO Channel 4 News - 1952?

The cast of WCCO Channel 4 News - 1952 includes: Jason DeRusha as Reporter Andy Dominianni as Anchor (2002-2004) Mike Fairbourne as Weather Man Brian Gotter as Weather Man Terri Gruca as Anchor Terri Knight as Traffic John Patrick Reger as Anchor Bob Rainey as Sports Anchor Mark Rosen as Sports Anchor Amelia Santaniello as Anchor Don Shelby as Anchor

Is Otis Livingston now on WCBS 2 New York?

YES he is in wcbs TV as a fill in news anchor and weekend sports anchor.

Was CBS sports anchor Ryan Baker born in Phoenix IL?


What six letter word means a political or sports commentator?

"anchor ?" pundit

What actors and actresses appeared in KOLR10 News - 2003?

The cast of KOLR10 News - 2003 includes: Jill Gilardi as Weather Anchor Ted Keller as Weather Anchor Dan Lucy as Sports Anchor Joy Robertson as News Anchor

What education and training is required to become a television sports anchor?

Know your sports, also know the editing systems u may have to use as a reporter or anchor. Know the camera movements dolly pan tilt etc.

What actors and actresses appeared in News4 - 1947?

The cast of News4 - 1947 includes: Kris Arnold as himself Wally Bruckner as Sports Reporter (1990-2006) Lindsay Czarniak as Herself - Sports Anchor and Reporter (2005-) Steve Doocy as Feature Reporter (1982-1988) Doreen Gentzler as News Anchor (1989-) Dan Hellie as Sports Anchor (2006-) Doug Kammerer as Chief Meteorologist (2010-) George Michael as Sports Director (1980-2007) Wendy Rieger as Weekend Anchor (1996-) Tom Sherwood as Reporter (1989-) Jim Vance as News Anchor (1972-) Jane Watrel as General Assignment Reporter (1999-) Eun Yang as Weekend Anchor (2002-)

Why are women not taken serious in sports?

i believe that female sport should be taken seruously as males sports sats show that 96% of intetrnational tv news is about male sports it not that there are not many females playing sports or ther isnt much female sports its just the world dosent advitise much female sports one event that female and male sports ge avtised is in the olmpics

How long do it take to become a sports anchor?

suck that kids dik ya dig!

Is Jim rose married?

It does not appear that sports anchor Jim Rose is currently married. He was married to Cheryl Burton at one time. She is a news anchor for WLS-TV.