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The Michigan Wolverines won the first Rose Bowl. They beat Stanford.

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Q: Who beat the Wolverines in the very first Rose Bowl?
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Who won the 2007 Rose Bowl?

The USC Trojans beat The Michigan Wolverines 32-18

Who won the the first Rose Bowl?

The Michigan Wolferines beat Stanford, 49-0.

Who did Ohio State beat in 1969 Rose Bowl?

Ohio State beat Southern California 27-16 in the 1969 Rose Bowl.

Did Tom Brady go to the citris bowl?

In 1998 Tom Brady led the Michigan Wolverines to the Citrus Bowl and beat Arkansas

What team did the Longhorns beat in the 2006 Rose Bowl?


Who won the 1990 Rose Bowl?

USC beat Michigan

Has oregon st ever won a Rose Bowl?

Yes once. In the 1942 Rose Bowl they beat Duke 20-16.

Who won the 1966 Rose Bowl?

Actually, UCLA beat Michigan State 14-12 at the Rose Bowl on January 1, 1966

Who did Ohio State beat in the 1969 Rose Bowl?

University of Southern California

Who did UGA beat in the Rose Bowl?

UCLA by the score of 9-0 in 1943.

Who won the 2011 Rose Bowl?

TCU beat Wisconsin 21-19

What two teams played in the 1979 Rose Bowl?

The 1979 Rose Bowl featured USC vs. Michigan. USC beat Michigan 17-10.

What year did Ohio State win their last Rose Bowl?

The 1997 Rose Bowl was the last Rose Bowl to be won by The Ohio State University Buckeyes. They beat the Arizona State University Sun Devils 20-17.

Who won the 1968 Rose Bowl?

USC beat Indiana 14-3. OJ Simpson scored both USC touchdowns. To date, it was the only appearance by Indiana in the Rose Bowl.

Who won the 1997 Rose Bowl?

Ohio State beat Arizona State 20-17.

When did Ohio State ever beat USC in football?

In the 1974 rose bowl, 42-21

Who won 2011 Rose Bowl?

TCU beat Wisconsin 21-19. It was a close game.

What teams did the Denver Broncos beat in the Super Bowl?

They first beat the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXII(32) and then they beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII(33).

Who did Ohio State beat in the 1950 Rose Bowl?

Ohio State - 17 vs. California - 14

How many days since Michigan Wolverines beat Michigan State Spartans?

How many days since Michigan wolverines beat Michigan state Spartans

Who did buffalo beat to get to their first super bowl?

Miami dolphins

Who did Tampa Bay beat in their first Super Bowl?

The Bucs beat the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl 37, by the score of 48 to 21.

What Rose Bowl did Ohio state beat cal 17 to 14?

1950 Rose Bowl ... James Hague kicked a field goal with 2 minutes left in 4th quarter to give the Buckeyes the winning points.

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat in their first Super Bowl?

The Minnesota Vikings

Who won the 1923 Rose Bowl?

The Southern Cal Trojans beat the Penn State Nittany Lions 14-3