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Notre Dame

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Q: Who beat UCLA at the end of there game win streak?
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Which NCAA team beat UCLA to stop the streak in 1974?

Notre Dame defeated UCLA, 71-70, on January 18, 1974 to end UCLA's winning streak at 88.

Who beat Oklahoma in 1957 to end the consecutive win streak?

Nebraska beat Oklahoma 25-21 in 1959 to end the 75 game winning streak

What was the previous record held for the most wins in NCAA men's basketball prior to UCLA breaking it with 88 wins in a row?

Technically, the previous record prior to UCLA's 88 wins was 87 (by UCLA). The team's astounding 88-winning streak beat University of San Francisco's 60-game streak by a long shot, but came to an unfortunate end on January 14, 1974 with a close loss to Notre Dame (71-70).

What team beat the Colts to end their 13 game winning streak in 2005?

new york jets

What team beat the Indianapolis Colts to end their 13 game winning streak in 2005?

San Diego Chargers

Who is going to beat the undertakers streak?

actually undertaker's streak will never end until he's dead

Who did Jeff Davis high school football beat to end their losing streak?


Does changing your game mode end your win streak in call of duty?

No, it does not.

Who beat Bill Goldberg?

Kevin Nash beat Bill Goldberg at WCW Starrcade 1998 to end the winning streak to 160-2.

Who beat Oklahoma to end their winning streak?

Oklahoma's 47 game winning streak ended on November 16, 1957 when they lost to Notre Dame, 7-0, in Norman. The streak lasted from October 10, 1953 when they defeated Texas, 19-14, to November 9, 1957 when they defeated Missouri, 39-14.

Who beat the Celtics to end their 8 championship win streak?

The Philadelphia 76ers won the 1966-67 NBA title, snapping the Celtics' streak of eight consecutive championships.

Who is gona end undertakers streak?

No one is ever going to end the streak.

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