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Q: Who authorizes substitution in volleyball?
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What is volleyball subtitution?

A volleyball substitution is when a player (or more than one) leaves the game and is replaced by a player from the bench.

When to use substitution in volleyball?

when a player needs to come out of the game or isn't doing well

How many times can substitution be done in volleyball?

18 substations are allowed per set

How many substitution are allowed in each player in volleyball?

A team is allowed 12 substitutions a game not including the libero's.

What is the meaning of substitution in volleyball?

Substitution is when a player is called off of the court, and a new one goes on. This is most commonly done if the opposing team has a lot of momentum, to let some of it simmer down.

What are volleyball's substitution rules?

In order to put in a substitute, two players must approach the area in front of the ten foot line, one from the court and one from the bench. The down referee tells the scorekeeper the change and then allows the substitution to be made.

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substitution menthod

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