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Q: Who authorizes substitution in volleyball?
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When to use substitution in volleyball?

when a player needs to come out of the game or isn't doing well

How many substitution are allowed in each player in volleyball?

A team is allowed 12 substitutions a game not including the libero's.

What document authorizes a person to in the country legally?

a green card is what authorizes a person to be in a country

What are volleyball's substitution rules?

In order to put in a substitute, two players must approach the area in front of the ten foot line, one from the court and one from the bench. The down referee tells the scorekeeper the change and then allows the substitution to be made.

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substitution menthod

What is a sentence using the word substitution?

I can give you several sentences.Use that ingredient as a substitution for the one you don't have.He is going in as a substitution for the quarterback.This is a substitution for the real thing.Margarine could be used as a substitution.

When can a player lead off the base in volleyball?

Volleyball does not have bases . We do have positions though . Players may not switch positions without a substitution before the ball is served . After the ball leaves the server's hands the players are aloud to move wherever they wish on the court . But until the ball is hit they must stay in their positions without overlapping .

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marginal rate of substitution

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