Who are wearing headbands now on nba finals?

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2010-06-07 02:30:23

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rajon rondo and paul pierce

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2010-06-07 02:30:23
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Q: Who are wearing headbands now on nba finals?
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How many times has been Lebron been to the NBA finals?

LeBron James has now been to the NBA finals six times.

How many people like hard headbands?

i do i like the thin plastic colorful ones im wearing one now

What teams have been swept in the NBA finals?

there are so many teams!but right now the lakers and the magics are on the game 3 of the finals

Who won the nba finals game number one magics or lakers?

The Lakers won game one of the 2009 NBA Finals 100-75. They now lead the series 1-0.

How did the NBA Finals come to be?

can lebron james touch the top of the backbordwhen he waz in high school or now?

How many NBA Finals did the Phoenix Suns win?

The Phoenix Suns hasn't won a single NBA championship yet. They reached the Finals twice 1973 and 1993 but lost the series. They are currently battling the LA Lakers for the Western Conference Finals but is now down 1-0 in favor of LA.

How many NBA finals MVP does Kobe Bryant have?

Zero. That is like asking how many kangaroos are snorkeling in Hawaii right now.

What years did Miami Heat go to the NBA finals?

The Miami Heat Franchise went to the NBA Finals three times now. From 2006 (Winning against Dallas Mavericks), 2011 (Losing from Dallas Mavericks) and currently battling against oklahoma city thunder. They are up 2 games to 1.

Which teams have the Boston Celtics lost to in the NBA finals?

The LA Lakers twice (1985 and 1987) and the St Louis Hawks (1958) now the Atlanta Hawks.

Where to find a personalized headband?

Yes, headbands, now we are talking my language. The malls are the best place to shop for headbands. A record store, or a shack store. Also there are hobby shops you can visit, and create your own. is one site you can go to for headbands.

Who will dallas mavericks play for in the semifinals 2011?

They have played the OKC Thunder and defeated them 4-1 in a 7 game series. Now they play the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

Who will the cavs lose to in the 2010 NBA playoffs?

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Boston Celtics (4-2) in the 2nd round of 2010 NBA playoffs. It happened in the TD Garden in Boston. The Celtics now will face the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals.

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