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Q: Who are the youngest 2011 2012 college basketball teams?
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How college basketball teams are there?

345 Division 1 teams as of 2010-2011 season.

How many college basketball teams are there?

There are 345 division 1 teams as of the 2010-2011 season.

Who are the youngest 2010-2011 college basketball teams?

Memphis starts 3 freshman and one senior and a sophmore, UConn starts 3 freshmen, a Junior (Kemba Wallker) and a senior, Arizona starts 3 sophmores a Senior and a Freshman, so those are 3 young teams this year.

How many basketball teams are there?

There are 345 division 1 teams as of the 2010-2011 season.

How many college teams are for Kentuckys?

There are 16 teams for Kentucky this year for 2011.

Does college lacrosse 2011 have real teams?

If you are asking whether the teams exist then yes

How many division 1 basketball teams?

344 through the 2011-2012 season

What are the top four basketball teams for NBA 2011?

the clippers,nets,kings and lakers

When does the 2011-2012 College Basketball Season Start?

november 15

How many NCAA tournament teams are from NJ?

2011 2 teams Princeton St. Peter's College

What mens teams are in the 2011 NCAA final four basketball?


What was the payout for all teams in the 2011 ncaa basketball tournament?

two million for each team.

Which teams played for the NCAA basketball championship in 2011?

The University of Connecticut defeated Butler University in the 2011 NCAA Men's Championship.

What is the most teams ever sent to the NCAA basketball tournament by one conference?

The record is 11 teams. The Big East conference sent 11 teams to the NCAA Tournament in 2011.

How many division 2 college football teams are there?

Something like 154 as of 2011.

What is the biggest blowout in college history?

the biggest blowout in ncaa basketball in 2011 was 107 to 56

What NCAA men's basketball teams were ranked number one during the 2010 - 2011 season?

kansas, Kentucky, Texas, Syracuse

Could you list all 2011 division 1 ncaa undefeated basketball teams?

Syracuse, Baylor, Missouri, Murry St.

What is Ricky Rubio famous for?

Ricky Rubio is a famous basketball player. He began playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves in May 2011,and he is also known for being the youngest basketball player to join the Spanish ACB League.

Who is the winningest college basketball coach?

Pat Summitt of the Tennessee Lady Volunteers with 1,068 wins as of 3/16/2011.

When does the 2011-2012 mens college basketball season start?

ESPN airs the tip off marathon on November 15.

When does the 2011-2012 NCAA Mens Basketball Ranking come out for the preseason?

The college basketball season usually begins in mid-November, so one can expect the pre-season polls to be released around November 1, 2011.

Who is the best basketball player in 2011?

lebron James is the best basketball player in 2011

How many cheerleading teams were at worlds 2011?

There wereabout 45 teams at worlds in 2011.

Who is the first youngest team in nfl in 2011?

The New England Patriots are the youngest team.