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Nevada Wolf Pack

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Q: Who are the youngest 2010 ncaa basketball team?
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Who are the youngest 2009 NCAA basketball teams?

SLU has the youngest basketball team in NCAA D1 basketball. 8 freshman, 4 sophomores, and 1 junior. loaded with talent..

Who is the tallest NCAA 2010 basketball team?


What division 1 ncaa men's basketball team is the youngest?

st. Johns redstorm

What is the winningest NCAA basketball team?

The Kentucky Wildcats are the winningest team in NCAA Basketball history.

What college basketball team was number 1 in 2010?

Duke won the men's NCAA National Championship in 2010

What is the worst division 1 NCAA basketball team record so far in 2010?


Who has more NCAA basketball championships Kansas or Kentucky?

In men's basketball, Kentucky has more NCAA basketball championships. Kansas' men's basketball team has won the NCAA championship three times while Kentucky's men's basketball team has won the NCAA championship eight times. In women's basketball, neither team has a championship.

What NCAA men's basketball team is the NCAA tournament for the first time in 2010?

Wofford Terriers and Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions

Which men's NCAA college basketball team has had most losses and won the NCAA championship?

What college basketball team has the most losses?

How many NCAA basketball team are there?


What is the best NCAA basketball team?


Which Division 1 NCAA basketball team has a live mascot?

NCAA Division 1 Basketball teams

What team in NCAA championship in college basketball team?


Which ncaa division 1a football team is the youngest?

Your mother

Who was the last undeafeted NCAA men's basketball team?

The 1976 Indiana University basketball team.

How many NCAA Basketball titles does Tennasee have?

The University of Tennessee's Men's Basketball team has never won the NCAA Championship. The UT women's team has won 8 NCAA Championships

How many players are on an NCAA basketball team?


What NCAA basketball team is the 2006 champ?


Can you create a team in ncaa basketball 10?

No, you cannot.

Which NCAA basketball team has the highest GPA?


What team is the NCAA women's basketball powerhouse?


Who is the college basketball champion team?

The Duke Blue Devils won the 2010 NCAA Championship in Men's Basketball over the Butler Bulldogs 61-59

How many NCAA basketball championships has Kansas won?

The men's basketball team has won three championships: 1952, 1988 and 2008. The women's basketball team has never won the NCAA championship.

What ncaa basketball team has the fewest head coaches in team history?


How many basketball players are on a ncaa basketball team?

It varies for each team, but most have around 13-15