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Q: Who are the two spanish speaking cardinals players?
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What is the Spanish speaking country that has two capitals?


How many last names do Spanish speaking people have?


What is the name of the island which is in West Indies and it has two countries on it one is Spanish speaking the other French speaking?

Hispaniola is the name of the island in the West Indies which contains Haiti (french-speaking) and the Dominican Republic (spanish-speaking).

Two Spanish speaking people?

Cameron diaz and antonio banderoz

What are the two Spanish speaking country's are in the Caribbean?

Cuba, and Dominican Republic

Which two Spanish-speaking countries are landlocked?

Bolivia and Paraguay, both in South America.

What Spanish speaking country has a flag with two different sides?

PARAGUAY, a Spanish-speaking country in South America, is known for specifically for having a flag were the obverse and reverse sides have different images.

How do you say they are both Spanish in Spanish?

They are both Spanish, Meaning - These two people (man/woman or two men) are from Spain = ambos son de España. Meaning - These two things are hispanic/spanish speaking - ambos son hispanos/latinos.

Where can you find a map showing all the spanish speaking countries and their capitals?

The website in the related links below includes a list of Spanish speaking countries, and their capitals and two maps showing those countries.

What island in the greater antilles has both French and Spanish as the official language?

The island of Hispaniola. It is divided in two sovereign states, one French-speaking (Haiti), the other one Spanish-speaking (the Dominican Republic).

What spanish speaking countries does the equator go through?

The equator passes through two Spanish speaking countries: Colombia and Ecuador. It also goes through Brazil, however Spanish is not widely spoken in Brazil. Peru is also narrowly missed by the equator.

What are two Spanish-speaking islands?

Cuba and the Dominican Republic are the names of two Spanish-speaking islands. Both islands, along with Puerto Rico, number among the islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Examples of Spanish-speaking islands elsewhere in the world range from the Canary Islands in the central-eastern Atlantic Ocean to Easter Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean and Mallorca in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea.