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Pele and Ronaldo

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Q: Who are the two famous champions of Brazil in soccer?
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Which famous soccer players have worn the jersey number 10?

Pele for Brazil. Zidane for France. I think those two are the biggest

Name two crops that Brazil is famous for?

Brazil is famous for crops like Rice and Soybeans

What are two soccer teams in Brazil?

Santos FC and Fluminense FC.

Is Garrincha a famous Brazilian soccer player?

He is well recognized for the nearly 50 years he contributed to Brazil football. Played as a right wing and forward he helped Brazil bring home two World Cup championships in his career.

What two countries competed in the finals of the 1994 World Cup soccer championships?

Mexico and Brazil

What is two famous people of Brazil?

Krishneel Nand and Bhavnesh Chetty

What famous soccer player worn the number two?

gary neville

What is the name of the famous soccer painting by Antonio Berni?

Antonio Berni painted two soccer scenes:Club Atlético Nueva Chicago (New Chicago Athletic Club) in 1937, and Team de fútbol o Campeones de barrio (Soccer Team or Neighborhood Champions), in 1954.The first one is in MoMA, although not in view.

Soccer is a very popular sport in egyptname one of the two famous soccer clubs?

Al Ahly and Al Zamalek

Egypt's two famous soccer clubs?

Egypt Town and Egypt United

When did soccer start in Brazil?

About the time Brazilians realized they had both a ball and two feet ;<) ...and for Argentinians a helping hand :<)

What soccer events happened in 1995?

Some of the soccer events that happened in 1995 include the UEFA champions league final and the FA Cup final. These are two coveted trophies in European football.

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