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Q: Who are the top 5 wicket keeper takers in test match cricket?
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Who is the wicketkeeper of India in world cup 2003 final match?

Rahul Dravid was the wicket keeper of the Indian Cricket team in the 2003 Cricket World Cup final match.

Is substitute stand as a wicket keeper?

Yes, a substitute can stand as a wicket keeper during the match.

Who is the only wicket-keeper captain to win the Man of the Match in a World Cup final?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni; the Indian Wicket-Keeper Captain.

Who is India's first wicket keeper to hit a double century in test mauch?

Budhi Kunderan is India's first wicket keeper to hit a double century in test match.

Who was the wicket keeper who finish with the best bowling figures in a test match?

Don Bradman

Who bowlers took 7 wicket in a match of world cup cricket?

Mcgrath took 7 wickets in a match

Name for a record keeper at a cricket match?

Is called the scorer.

When and how dhoni's interest begin in cricket?

msd was never interested in cricket he was the goal chi of football team inn his school and then he was by chance selected by his cricket coach in school as wicket keeper for a match by the school side there he again showed his tactics and also scored good runs and therefore came to cricket

Who is the first man to taken a10 wicket in test cricket match?

anil kumble.

Has anyone ever taken a 6-wicket maiden as the opening over of a cricket match?