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1.Stephan Taylor (Mansfield High School, TX)

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Q: Who are the top 20 career rushing yardage leaders in high school football?
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Who is Georgias career rushing yardage leader?

Herschel Walker

Who is Floridas career rushing yardage leader?

Errict Rhett

Who is Michigan State's career rushing yardage leader?

The current career rushing leader for Michigan State is Lorenzo White.

Who is the University of Georgia's career rushing yardage leader?

Herschel Walker.

Who is USC's career rushing yardage leader?

Carson Palmer 1998-02

Who leads the NFL in career all-purpose yardage?

Jerry Rice is the career all purpose yardage leader with 23,546 yards. Click on the 'All Purpose Yardage Leaders' link on this page to find out who the top 25 career all purpose yardage leaders are.

Who is LSU tigers career rushing yardage leader?

Dalton Hillard 1982-1985

Who is Ohio States' career rushing yardage leader?

Archie Griffin 1972-75

Who is Notre Dames career rushing yardage leader?

Jerome Bettis Nope. Autry Denson 1995-98

Who are the top 10 career rushing leaders in Pac-10 history?


Who holds the record for rushing yards in football?

As of the 2007 season: In the NFL, the record for career rushing yards is held by Emmitt Smith with 18,355. In college football, the Division 1-A record for career rushing yards is held by Ron Dayne with 6,397.

Who hold total yardage record for division 2 football?

You need to be more specific. Total yardage in a single game? Total yardage in a season? Total yardage in a college career? And is it rushing yardage, passing yardage, kickoff yardage, puntyardage, kickoff-return yardage, punt-return yardage, total return yardage, or total yardage. If it's passing yardage, do you mean as a receiver or as a passer?Of course, I don't know the answer either way, and really, who cares? It's Division II. It could be a million yards, but whoever holds the record can't hold a candle to the average division I-A player. If they could, they would have played in Division I-A, or at least I-B.But if you want anyone to answer this question, you're going to have to be more precise in how you ask it.

Who has the most career passing yards in college football history?

1. timmy chang2. Graham Harrell3. Ty Detmer4. Colt Brennan5. Phillip for a list of the top 80 and a list of all yardage leaders both in a career and a season.

Which professional football player holds the record for career rushing yards?

Michael Irvin

Who are the top 10 nfl career rushing leaders?

One Name Is All You Need: LaDanian Tomlinson

Who ran the longest yards in football?

Emmit Smith has the most career rushing yards in the NFL.

Who has the most career rushing yards in high school football history?

kenneth Hall of Sugarland Texas

Most yards rushing in high school football career?

Mike Hart (OCS - Nedrow, NY)

How many career rushing yards did Kurt Warner have?

He had about 87 career rushing yards

NCAA football career rushing record?

Ron Dayne, Wisconsin

Who holds PAC-10 football career rushing record?

Charles White, USC (1976-79) 5,598

How many career rushing yards did barry sanders have?

Barry Sanders has 15,269 career rushing yards.

Most rushing yards in college football career?

8,074 - Nate Kmic, Mount Union (DIII) 2005-2008

Who is LSUs career receiving yardage leader?

Josh Reed

Who is the bulldog's career passing yardage leader?

David Greene