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Michael Irvin

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Q: Which professional football player holds the record for career rushing yards?
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You like soccer and football but you just can play one what should you play?

Soccer, you live longer. On the other hand, if you are really good at football, a professional career is always a possibility, and a much better chance at being a professional football player than a professional soccer player.

What is the average length of time of a career in professional sports?

In football for an average player the average length of their career is 3-3.5 years

Who is more physically fit a professional ballet dancer or a professional football player?

a football player

What is the definition of a rushing yard?

A rushing yard is an important statistic in a football game. It is defined as any yard that is covered by a football player running with the ball in his arms.

How many goals has Diego Maradona scored in his professional career?

Diego Maradona scored 292 goals in the many years of his professional career. Diego Maradona is considered the greatest football player by many football experts, critics, fans, current players, and former players.

What is a rushing title?

One of the statistics kept in football is rushing yards. A 'rushing title' basically means the same as 'who led the league in rushing yards'. The player that wins a 'rushing title' is the player 'who led the league in rushing yards'. Rushing yards are accrued when an offensive player advances the ball past the line of scrimmage without the aid of a forward pass.

Which professional football player holds the record for most career goals with the same team?

Probably Pele of Santos Brazil

When is a touchdown scored in flag football?

Same time as tackle football, when a player gets in the end zone with the football, but usually its not a rushing touchdown in flag football.

How many rushing touchdowns did emmitt smith have in his career?

Emmitt Smith holds the career record for rushing touchdowns with 164. The closest player to his record is LaDainian Tomlinson who has 138.

What is the professional single season rushing record for an individual player?

2105 yrads

Who is Walter Peyton?

You mean WALTER PAYTON? He was an American football player who spent his entire professional career with the NFL's Chicago Bears. Walter Payton was known around the NFL as "Sweetness". He is remembered as one of the most prolific running backs in the history of American football. Payton, a nine-time Pro Bowl selection, once held the League's record for most career rushing yards, touchdowns, carries, and many other categories. He was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993. Hall of Fame NFL player and Coach Mike Ditka described Payton as the greatest football player he had ever seen---but even greater as a human being.

What is the average career length for a pro volleyball player?

what is the average career length for a professional volleyball player?

What is Joe Flacco well-known for?

Joe Flacco is known mostly for his career as a professional football player. He plays for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL and played college football at the University of Delaware.

What is a NFL player?

A professional football player

Average salary for a professional women's football player?

what is the average pay of professional women football players what is the average pay of professional women football players

Is Santiago Muรฑez a professional football player?

Santiago Muñez was a fictional professional football player from the Goal! film trilogy series.

What does a football player do?

A professional football player is paid to be a part of a team that plays the game of football. Any football player has the goal of getting the football through the goal.

IS Tim Tebow a good football player?

Yes, he is the best rushing QB in the NFL.

Someone who plays pro football is a?

Professional football player.

What is a career path for a football player?

do it

What is Wayne Rooney's career?

Career wise Rooney is a football player.

What does Craig James do for a living?

Craig James is a former professional football player who has since become a broadcaster for ABC and ESPN. He also had a brief career as a politician.

Emmitt Smith scored 41 more TDs rushing than the next-best player Who scored 123 TDs rushing in their illustrious career?

Marcus Allen

What Green Bay Packers player first made 8000 rushing yards?

Jim Taylor in 1966 ... he ended up with 8207 career rushing yards for the Packers.

Is rugby a career?

Yes, you can become a professional rugby player and make a career out of it