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1. LeBron James

2. Kevin Durant

3. Dwyane Wade

4. Kobe Bryant

5. Carmelo Anthony

6. Derrick Rose

7. Chris Paul

8. Dwight Howard

9. Rajon Rondo

10. Russell Westbrook

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Point Guard:

1.Rajon Rondo (Outstanding season,Amazing passer,Triple-Double master,Fast finisher)

2.Chris Paul (Amazing season,Great passer,Great shooter,clutch player,Fast finisher)

3.Derrick Rose (Has been out this season but still the raining MVP,Great fast finisher,good shooter,good passer,clutch player)

4.Russel Westbrook (Explosive finisher and good shooter and having a good season

5.Deron Williams (Great shooter,Good passer,and good finisher)

Shooting Guard:

1.Kobe Bryant (Closest to Michael Jordan)

2.Dwyane Wade (Fast finisher,Clutch player,Having a good season)

3.Joe Johnson (Great shooter,and clutch player)

4.Monta Ellis (Good fast Finisher,good shooter,and clutch)

5.Kevin Martin (Even though he is injures he is an amazing shooter)

Small Forward:

1.Lebron James (Having an Oustanding season,Stats compared to Mj,and Explosive fast finisher)

2.Kevin Durant (Amazing season,good finisher,good shooter,clutch player)

3.Carmelo Anthony (Best scorer,3-point play Master,Amazing shooter,Clutch player)

4.Rudy Gay (Explosive finisher,good shooter,pretty clutch)

5.Andre Iquodola (Explosive finsher and shooter)

Power Foward:

1.Kevin Love (Terrific Season,Great shooter,Good post up player,Clutch)

2.Blake Griffin (Explosive Finisher ,Great post up player,and Terrific dunker)

3.Chris Bosh (Great shooter,good in the paint player)

4.Lamarcus Aldridge (Great post up player,good finisher,pretty good shooter)

5.Josh Smith (Great post up player,Great dunker,and good season)


1.Dwight Howard (Great dunker,Amazing post up player,Amazing defense player)

2.Andrew Bynum (Amazing season,Amazing post up player,and good defense player)

3.Joahkim Noah (Good for defense,Great post up player)

4.Tyson Chandler (Outstanding Defender,Great post up player,and good in the paint player)

5.Roy Hibbert (Great defender and good player in the paint)

Im telling the truth cuz my favorite PG-Drose SG-Dwade SF-Melo PF-Griffin C-Bynum

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Q: Who are the top 10 nba 2012 2013 players?
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