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Ronnie Nathaniel is one of the sports analyst in the Philippines..

lorem santos :)

shaina magtalas ^_^

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Q: Who are the sports analyst in the Philippines?
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What does a sport analyst do?

a sports analyst tell stats of players and upcoming games

Who is a sports analyst?

Jim Nantz

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probably a sports analyst. Anyway they're good

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Make sexy time !

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What are the qualifications of becoming a sports analyst?

A sports analyst should have good communication skills. Other qualifications include a knowledge of the sport they want to analyze, ability to travel, and good journalism skills.

How tall is Fox Sports Analyst Jay Glazer?

5' 10"

What kind of job can you get if you studied sports and movement?

a broadcaster or sport analyst

What is Ian Rapoport's occupation?

Ian Rapoport is a/an Sportswriter, sports analyst

How do you get a special license to be a sports analyst?

There is no licensure necessary, but you have to know a great deal about sports and then convince someone to hire you.

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Basketball and boxing are the most popular sports in the Philippines. Other sports played in the Philippines include football & volleyball.