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Q: Who are the samba dancers in pitbull and Jennifer Lopez 2014 FIFA World Cup music video?
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Who sings the song On The Floor with Jennifer Lopez?

America's Jennifer Lopez's song "On The Floor" was 2/8/2011 by Island Records. Although the chorus is sung by Jennifer herself, most of song is a duet with the world famous rapper Pitbull. This song was the lead Single on Lopez's new album, her seventh, "Love?"

Who makes more money Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez on 2011?

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Is Jennifer Lopez oldest woman in the world?


How did Jennifer Lopez change the world?

she didn't

Did Jennifer Lopez change the world?


How did Jennifer Lopez get back to Society And The World?


What is Jennifer Lopez's greatest hit song?

Jennifer Lopez's song "All I Have" has reached the highest points in all the world's major charts, dubbing it her greatest hit song.

How has Jennifer Lopez impacted or changed the world?

She has brought music in our world and starred in movies

Who is the most beautiful women in the world?

Jennifer Lopez is the most beautiful women in the world!

Is Jennifer Lopez the most beautiful women in the world?

No Emma Watson is

Is Jennifer Lopez really the pretest women in the world?

Hecks yea

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he has been on none that i no of

What was the official song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

FIFA and Sony Music Entertainment announced on 24 January 2014 that they selected "We Are One (Ole Ola)" by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Claudia Leitte as the official song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Does George Lopez have siblings?

no he has no sibings he has a a sistre that was adopted. Of course, this goes without saying forgot about his baby brother, Mario Lopez, and his twin sister, Jennifer Lopez. And all the other Lopez children of the world.

Who has been named world's most powerful celebrity forbes magazine?

Jennifer Lopez

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She is sexy and gives men something to stare at

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Around 60 million.

What is the name of the song that puff daddy and Jennifer Lopez dance to?

Been Around The World

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She has a world tour to attend. We all knew this would happen.

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Currently, Jennifer Lopez was voted as the world's most beautiful woman.

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James Brown, Michael Jackson, The Nicholas Brothers, Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, Prince, MC Hammer, Savion Glover, Beyonce Knowles, The Temptations, Usher, Alvin Ailey, Jennifer Lopez, Bobby Brown, Omarion, Shakira, Cab Calloway, Aaliyah, Tina Turner, Missy Elliot, Rosie Perez, Gregory Hines, Big Daddy Kane, Diddy, and Ciara Are the Great Dancers in the World.

Where do you buy Jennifer Lopez clothes for cheap?

well she buys them every were she has been at around the world but mostly in California were she lives

Who was Cleopatra like in the modern world?

MadonnaJennifer LopezMargret Thatcher

Who is the most prittiest girl in the world?

The prettiest girl in the world is Mila Kunis, at least that is what People Magazine has said. In previous years, Jennifer Lopez held the title.