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As of the 2007-08 season, that would be Michael Jordan at 30.12 points per game and Wilt Chamberlain at 30.07 points per game.

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Q: Who are the only two NBA players in history to average 30 points a game for a career?
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How many University of Oklahoma Men's Basketball players have scored at least 2000 career points?

There have been 5 OU Bball players who have scored at least 2000 points in their career.

NBA players who averaged 10 points for career?

Tucker Gardiner

Who has missed the most free throws in NBA history?

Kobe Bryant holds the record for most career misses in NBA history. Kobe Bryant is also just one of five players who have scored over 30,000 points in their career.

Who scored the most points all time in NBA history?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Career Of 38,387 Points Karl Malone Career Of 36,928 Points

What is the average points for Michael Jordan?

I think his career average was 30.1 points per game. Which is insane in my opinion

Who is the career leader for three points in NCAA history?

Dukes's J.J.Redick

Who holds the NFL record for most points in a career who wasn't a kicker?

Jerry Rice with 1256 career points which is 27th most in NFL history.

Who has scored the third most points in NBA history?

That would be Michael Jordan, with 32,292 career points.

How many points has Magic Johnson scored in the NBA?

Magic Johnson has scored 17,707 points during his career in the NBA. He has a career average of 19.5 PPG during his career.

What was Michael Jordans scoring average throughout his career?

For his NBA career, Michael Jordan's regular season scoring average was 30.1 points per game (32292 points in 1072 games). His playoff scoring average was 33.4 points per game (5987 points in 179 games).

Who scored the most career points in NBA history?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did.

Who scored the most basketball career points in history?

I think micheal jordan

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